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Jenny Connor from Coronation Street loses everything as Rovers goes through significant change.

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The Rovers Return is a well-known landmark in Weatherfield that has frequently changed ownership over the years. However, in upcoming episodes, Jenny Connor might be required to give it up.

Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews), who manages the Rovers Return, has been having financial difficulties.

Viewers will see her make some adjustments to the bar in upcoming episodes of Coronation Street, including lower serving sizes, in order to save money.

Actress Sally hinted that she might be forced to sell up, so it appears that her efforts won’t be enough to keep the doors open.

Sally speculates that Jenny might end up working at a corner store or assisting Rita Tanner (Barbara Knox) in The Kabin if she loses the pub.

Sally described the Rovers as being important to her in an interview with TV Times.

She viewed it as a beacon of community, camaraderie, and safety when she first moved to the streets, and she feels obligated to continue that heritage.

She has been making an effort, but she has been aware for some time that things don’t seem good.

Sally wants someone who is just as committed to the job to succeed Jenny if she does sell up.

The celebrity said, “I think Shona would be fantastic because she’d take no nonsense and she’d be able to handle rebellious people.

“I don’t know how long she would last since [as a result of her brain damage in 2019], she has lost the ability to be diplomatic. I’d really like to witness Shona behind the bar uncensored.

Jenny confides in Owen this week that the Rovers are having financial difficulties, but when he proposes she sell the business, Jenny gets irritated and makes it obvious that’s not an option.

Todd Boyce’s character Stephen Reid advises her to decrease meal sizes rather than raise prices.

How will the new hot pots be received by the customers? The lights go out and there is a loud crash coming from the kitchen.

Later, Jenny reveals to Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) and Glenda that she is raising the bar and room rental costs per Stephen’s recommendation.

The customers are unimpressed with the price increase, and the staff is surprised when they learn she is reducing their shifts.

Sean (Anthony Cotton), in an effort to assist, distributes flyers to advertise Darts Night, but when no one shows up, Jenny is left feeling completely depressed.

After discovering Kirk, Gary, George, and Sean having a beer and playing darts in Ed’s garden, Jenny sobs to Daisy and admits that given the state of trade, they are only a few weeks away from permanently closing.

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