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Joss Steps up to Save Dex From Sonny — and Mac, Felicia and Maxie Push Cody to Take a DNA Test

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If Portia doesn’t tell Curtis about her notion, will Jordan tell him herself? Portia asks Jordan at her office. It’s Portia’s responsibility to be the one to tell Curtis the truth because Jordan doesn’t want to ruin their relationship and wants him to be content. According to Portia, Curtis had previously enquired about Trina’s paternity when she replied that he wasn’t. In addition, Trina is Taggert’s entire universe, and she won’t abandon them because Jordan keeps interfering in Curtis’ life.

Jordan cautions Portia that she is aware of Curtis’ approach to secrets and lying based on personal experience. Jordan tells her that while she can’t predict what would happen if she tells him, she does know what will happen if Curtis discovers the truth on his own.

Dante keeps poring at documents in the questioning area. When Jordan shows there, Dante says he doesn’t believe Dex is the right candidate. He explains that Brando and Joss both heard the same metallic clinking sound. Dante continues by saying that Joss informed him that Dex was wearing a white shirt during the picnic despite the fact that considering how much Ava lost, he should have been covered in blood. Additionally, he claims that Joss doesn’t think he did it and that he believes she is correct since she has sound intuition.

When Marshall and Epiphany exit the elevator at the hospital, Curtis greets them while carrying his clarinet. Marshall informs Curtis that he has been asked to offer music therapy to some of the patients as Epiphany resumes work. Why hasn’t Curtis’ son fixed a date for getting married to Portia yet? Marshall queries Curtis. Curtis discusses Jordan’s situation and the fact that they are still legally married. Marshall is perplexed.

Trina will find this news disturbing, and Ava knows it, so she wants to explain in her room. She is told by Ava that she must close the gallery since it is unsafe as long as she is a target for the murderer. Ava claims she has already made arrangements for her to obtain a new internship at the Chuck, a nearby museum of fine arts. Since Trina believed it was too late to apply for the internship, she is overjoyed. Ava tells Curtis when he comes in that she ought to be thanking him because it was Curtis’ idea. Trina praises him and remarks that she had no idea he was an artist. He argues that keeping her safe is more important to him and that The Chuck has excellent security.

Trina tells Curtis that while she respects what he done, she can’t accept the internship as they walk out into the hallway. Although Curtis thinks it’s a terrific opportunity, she would have preferred to be contacted first. He is aware of that, but he and Ava believe neither of them should go to the gallery. Trina welcomes Portia as she informs Curtis that she is an adult and that neither he nor her father has the authority to make decisions for her because he is not her father.

When Portia inquires about what she walked into, they describe the circumstances. Trina is furious with Curtis since he tried to help her, so he begs her not to pass up this chance. Trina exits after saying, “Notted.” Curtis explains to Portia that he only wanted Trina to understand that she could rely on him since they will become a family. They embrace, and Portia recalls Jordan’s admonition.

Sam wonders why Spinelli would end up in jail because of a matchmaking business in another place. Spinelli explains that he felt lost and lonely after losing both Ellie and Jason. He used dating websites, but none of the people he met were a good fit. He claims that in order to develop a better program, he had to break into people’s personal accounts and learn everything there was to know about them. She understands that he is in trouble and that he needs to stop.

Spinelli believes he can’t because his program is successful and its users are content. Sam points out that Britt had trouble with it, but Spinelli claims that was an earlier version of the application and she had success with it. She continues to emphasize how Cody and Britt were matched despite their evident differences. Spinelli acknowledges that Cody forced him to pair them together, and he believes his motivations weren’t purely amorous.

When Felicia discovers Mac wandering, she begs him to stop and return home, but he insists on staying until he hears how Diane is doing. In order to distract himself, he requests that she tell him what happened to Cody after he left the Metro Court. She dismisses him because she has a better idea.

Cody is told by Maxie at Maxie’s that if Mac were his father, he would be a vast improvement over Leopold. If he gives Mac a chance, Maxie promises him, he won’t regret it. They clearly had quite different upbringings, says Cody, and he believes that any promise made by someone is certain to be broken. Mason texts Austin to tell him that he needs to head to the hospital immediately. Mac and Felicia show up as he takes off.

Felicia replies that she wasn’t aware Cody would be present when Mac inquires. Cody makes the decision to go, but Felicia urges him to stay. Mac is informed by Felicia that they spoke after he left the restaurant and that Cody is aware of everything. Cody is pushed by Maxie to “man up” at this point. Cody claims he is unsure if Mac is his kid because he now knows Mac had a relationship with Dominique.

Although Mac is aware that it is a possibility, he believes Cody is still frightened of something. Cody could do worse than to be a part of this family, according to Felicia, so what has he got to lose? Cody is unsure of the value of knowing the truth. Felicia encourages Maxie to investigate because he believes it could be the deciding factor. Maxie suggests that a DNA test is necessary.

Mason is confronted by Austin back at the hospital, who informs him that he has no authority to summon him. Mason reminds him that they work for the same company. Austin cites his settled obligations as the reason for his resignation, but Mason quips that he can’t leave the family company and that tonight he must perform some strenuous labor.

As a man walks in with an obvious injury and is in pain, Amy calls Austin to the nurses’ station. It’s showtime, Mason informs him. The man, who identifies himself as Gordon, is attended to by Austin. Mason follows Austin as he places Gordon in a room, making sure that Austin takes good care of Gordon.

Sonny questions Michael in his restaurant, “Why does it matter what happens to Dex?” They all know how Sonny handles his adversaries, according to Michael. Sonny yells that even if Michael doesn’t like his tactics, he would make sure his family is secure. He also doesn’t give a damn if Michael’s delicate sensibilities are offended by his actions. It doesn’t make what he’s doing right, according to Michael. Sonny questions Michael as to why he believes Dex is innocent, arguing that it doesn’t make him incorrect. Michael argues that killing Brando makes no sense because Dex follows Sonny around like a dog. Michael contends that by concentrating on Dex, Sonny would allow the assailant to move on to another target on their hit list.

Carlos has been threatening Dex in the backroom by saying they may choose to do things the hard way or the easy way. To give Carlos a break, Frank comes in. Dex makes an effort to escape when left alone. But when Carlos comes back, he is doused in water. He warns him that working too hard will lead to his demise.

Frank alerts Sonny that Joss has arrived back at the restaurant. After greeting Michael and informing Sonny that she needs to see Dex, Joss comes in. Sonny queries what she thinks of Dex. Joss is aware that Dex was present at all three incidents and has been named as a suspect, but she is certain that Dex is not the perpetrator. Dex had no blood on him at the picnic when they worked to save Ava, and if he had been the one who attacked Ava, there was literally no time for him to be cleaned up as she discovered Ava immediately following the attack and Dex showed up to assist a short while later. Sonny compliments her for watching out for Dex and promises to convey her concern to him the next time they cross paths. Michael offers to drive Joss home when Sonny asks Frank to do so.

Dex successfully kicks Carlos in the stomach while he is holding a knife in the backroom. After being knocked to the ground, Carlos stands back up and rants about how much fun it will be to punish Dex and make him speak. Sonny comes abruptly after receiving a knock on the door. Carlos is asked to step aside for the time being by Sonny since he has to confirm his facts. Carlos informs Dex that the bell has protected him, but he will return to finish the job he began.

BLQ informs Chase on the upcoming episode of General Hospital that everything they’ve worked for depends on tonight.

She might have the key, Valentin tells Anna. Liz is informed by Ava that they must resolve a matter. Nikolas informs Finn that his error is significant. When Victor pays Spencer a visit in jail, he exclaims, “My god, what happened!” If anyone is aware of the perpetrators of the attacks, Nina asks them. Sonny is given a seat at the table by Miss Wu.

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