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Kate Ritchie reveals her close bond with John Farnham: ‘I was the luckiest little girl in Australia’

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Kate Ritchie has been a fan of John Farnham since they co-starred on Home and Away.

The 44-year-old experienced actress said that John Farnham portrayed himself in two episodes of the hit drama in 1988, in a hilarious storyline in which he visited her ailing character.

‘I remember being the luckiest little child in Australia,’ she says. ‘My character Sally Fletcher won tickets to watch him perform, but she got chicken pox at the last minute,’ she told Channel Seven’s Spotlight.

‘But because he is such a great guy… he decided to come back to Summer Bay and visit Sally in her pyjamas,’ she added.

Kate went on to say Farnham, 74, represented so many great things about life in Australia. 

Kate Ritchie (pictured) admitted she’s was a long-time fan of John Farnham during Sunday night’s episode of Spotlight

He is a fantastic talent and so pleasant that I felt he embodied what Australia was all about. He was not only our soundtrack, but also the guy you wanted to be friends with.’

Ritchie explained that the scene in which Farnham sang to her character in bed turned her into a lifelong fan, and she still listens to his music to this day.

‘My favorite of his songs is Burn For You. If you’re celebrating the nation and not playing Farnham, you’re not doing it right.

The Channel Seven documentary John Farnham: The Lost Tapes includes previously unseen footage of the former child star sharing scenes with Farnham in an episode of Home and Away.

In the new documentary, Shannon Noll, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, and Human Nature’s Phil Burton also share their experiences of Farnham.

The special also featured a duet with the late Olivia Newton-John.

‘I remember I was the luckiest little girl in Australia. My character Sally Fletcher won tickets to see him perform but at the last minute she got chicken pox,’ Kate told Channel Seven’s Spotlight

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