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Matchmaking, secrets and a mystery donation: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

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Bree (Juliet Godwin) panics this week on Home and Away after learning Jacob (Alex Williams) may be anywhere. She spends some time hiding in her hotel room before realizing she can’t stay there indefinitely. Her best efforts to resume living a normal life are, unfortunately, foiled when Jacob surreptitiously observes Remi’s (Adam Rowland) budding infatuation from a hiding place in the shadows.

In another scene, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) worry when Jai (River Jarvis) creates a picture of himself by himself in the rain while Ziggy, Dean, and the baby are all smiling inside the same house. Both of them are unsure of how to approach Jai, and Mackenzie (Emily Weir), who once identified as Jai and experienced terrible things, scares Dean even more.

The following is the Home and Away schedule for the week beginning February 20.

Bree panics after discovering Jacob is missing

Bree was beginning to regain her self-confidence when she learned Jacob hadn’t shown up for work and might be anywhere. As a result, she panicked even more and barricaded herself in the motel room. After failing to reach her, Remi rushes to find her and discovers her frightened in her room. When Bree receives a phone notification and learns Jacob has drained their financial accounts, the situation worsens. She is informed by the authorities that they would have him arrested if he contacts her. Bree doesn’t want to put Remi in danger, despite Remi’s want to take him back to his house. Remi is adamant that he will stay in the hotel room with her if she won’t go home with him.

Jai’s drawing reveals his anxiety about the baby

Although Dean and Ziggy are still trying to process the impending birth of the baby, another problem arises when Dean gains insight into his son Jai’s mental state. After going to see him, he discovers a sketch Jai made that depicts Ziggy, Dean, and the new baby being content in a home, while he is left standing outside in the pouring rain. Ziggy is anxious yet unsure of what to do. As she reminds Justin that he is a parent, he simply replies that there will be an adjustment period. Mackenzie responds strongly to the drawing, and Dean questions her about it. Ultimately, Mackenzie admits that she was formerly Jai and that she experienced burden and afterthought when her father moved on and had children with someone else.

Felicity hatches a plan to play matchmaker

The hen and bucks parties are quickly approaching, Nikau is excited for the bucks night, and Eden has planned a karaoke party bus. Felicity and Tane’s wedding is only one week away. But Eden and Cash’s relationship is all Felicity can think about. Eden claims that nothing is happening, but later that day, in a chat, she makes the cringe-worthy remark that Cash has good hands. Moreover, Eden shows up at the Parata home that evening dressed for the hen night, and Cash can’t help but stare at her. Felicity makes the decision to move the hen night’s location in an effort to play matchmaker. To where? Where Tane, Nikau, and Cash will be spending the night is a club…

Eden makes a fool of herself during Felicity’s hen night

When Felicity says she wants to cancel the karaoke party bus, Eden is enraged. She worked really hard on the hen night; why is it being ignored now? She goes to the club grudgingly and makes an effort to smile, but as soon as she sees the males in the VIP area, she realizes what Felicity’s plan was. Cash is enraged with Eden and believes she was the one who set the whole thing up, which only makes the situation worse. Eden informs him that Felicity is to blame and makes the decision to use alcohol to get through the evening. A few hours later, she is dancing on the main stage when she injures herself and tumbles to the floor. Felicity is delighted when Cash comes to her aid and drives her home.

Theo worries that Kirby wants to get married

Tane and Felicity’s bucks and hens night turned out to be at the same club, which has happily pleased Theo and Kirby that they will be spending the evening together. When Nikau begins giving his best man speech, the evening encounters a snag. He discusses the value of family and those who won’t be present at the wedding ceremony. He starts crying, but to Theo’s amazement, Kirby also does. She’ll be a wreck on her wedding day, Kirby continues, alarming him.

Theo replies by going very quiet and apologizing for needing an early night once they get home. Even though Kirby is aware that he has the day off, the next day, he claims to have work. Leah enters the garage looking for Justin, and Theo inadvertently inquires as to her reasons for refusing to wed him. Thrown, Leah gets the short end of the stick and thinks her nephew is ready to ask Kirby to marry him.

Marilyn and Roo receive a mystery donation

It’s time to total up the proceeds from the charity event to see if there was enough money raised to purchase a food truck for the community. Roo calculates the totals and proudly announces that they were able to raise $35,000! Marilyn, who claims they need an additional $5,000 to accomplish their goal amount, is the only one who is not happy. Marilyn’s melancholy disposition is noticed by one Summer Bay favorite, despite Roo’s assertion that it’s still a decent lot. Later that day, Roo is delighted to find that they have received $5,000 from an anonymous donor, which is just what they need to fulfill their goal.

Xander is caught going through Stacey’s phone

Rose has been open about how she feels about Stacey, Xander’s new companion. When she learns that Stacey still has an active account on a dating app, it confirms her worries that the newbie isn’t capable of being faithful. When Stacey informs Xander about it, he gives her the benefit of the doubt since he believes she may not have deleted it yet.

Rose, though, has given Xander cause for concern. As Stacey uses the restroom, the couple heads to Salt for dinner, and Xander takes her phone and starts looking through it. A voice asks him what he’s doing as he starts scrolling. He was caught red-handed by Stacey.

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