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Molly Rainford from EastEnders mocks Anna Knight’s ‘desperate’ betrayal

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Molly Rainford, the newest addition to EastEnders and the youngest Knight sister Anna, has hinted at some forthcoming trouble for the new barmaid and her family.

As Anna Knight (Molly Rainford) begins her own search for her mother, she is poised to betray her cherished family.

The revelation that “Rose Knight,” who has been gone for years, was actually EastEnders legend Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins), who had been living secretly, is unknown to Anna, her sister Gina Knight (Francesca Henry), their father George Knight (Colin Salmon), and their mother.

While Gina and George are content to put the mystery behind them, Anna is devoted to discovering what really happened to her mother.

In upcoming episodes of the BBC soap opera, actress Molly revealed how the character will betray her family as she takes extreme measures to gain answers.

“She definitely feels guilty,” Molly said. “Anna is a kind person, and I believe that her search for her mother is somewhat out of character because she has never opposed her family before.

The fact that she feels so bad because she is aware of what has happened in the past and what the family has gone through, in my opinion, just goes to show how important it is to her.

Molly indicated the severe actions Anna will take, saying: “Because she’s so desperate, Anna steals some money from The Vic till.

Anna reached a breaking point when she felt the need to find out because she had been saving the money for some time.

“With the money she has, Anna engages a private detective to assist her in locating her mother or at the very least obtaining some information or an explanation. At this moment, I believe she is quite desperate.

The actress went on to say that the behaviour is “100% out of character.”

She observed, “Anna isn’t at all dishonest, and I believe it simply displays that desperation even more.

“It’s definitely not something she would do, and I think that’s why her family didn’t initially believe it was her because it is just so unusual,” continued Molly. Of course, she had deep-seated reservations about doing that, but Anna had no other option.

The soap star continued by describing Anna’s “conflict” over her mother: “I think Anna has a big conflict between doing what’s right for her versus what’s right for her family.

She is aware that doing this may cause some old scars to reopen, but she doesn’t want to upset her father by standing up to him.

Anna loves Elaine (Peacock, Harriet Thorpe), so she doesn’t want to hurt their relationship, but she’s also at the age where she has to know the truth about who she really is. Currently, she is extremely content with her family life.

She is aware that by doing this, she will have to defy her family’s wishes, but I believe that she must act selfishly at this time.

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