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Nancy Owen age: How old is Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen’s daughter?

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NANCY OWEN is the youngest of Amanda Owen’s children but she is definitely finding her place within the family. How old is Nancy?

Every Saturday, Amanda Owen and her nine kids are a treat for our Yorkshire Farm lovers. Reruns of the family’s shows from Ravenseat Farm have been shown on Channel 5. offers all the information you require about Nancy’s current age.

How old is Nancy Owen?

Following the social media posting of a picture of her stunning daughters, Amanda Owen’s followers have gone into a frenzy.

The return of Our Yorkshire Farm is highly anticipated by viewers who like seeing the kids go hands-on.

The mother of nine has posted numerous updates on her Instagram account in the interim.

She posted a picture of Nancy, now five years old, Clemmy, six, and Annas, eight.

The trio, who were all dressed in lovely floral outfits and sunglasses, were seen lying in the grass.

Viewers could not believe how mature Nancy, who was five years old, appeared as she laid close to her sisters.

Amanda published a picture of Nancy by herself in a pink skirt and striped top in February 2022.

“All this severe weather, large coats, and woolen hats have proved tutu much,” the author wrote.

Fans compared the young girl to her older sister Raven and dubbed her the “spitting image.”

Amanda revealed in December 2021 how she felt about enrolling Nancy in school for the first time.

During a segment of Our Yorkshire Farm, Amanda remarked, “Nancy has clearly discovered her own little voice.

But going to school and learning about the outside world will be wonderful for her.

She still has six months left, during which time she has been the sole child left at home and has been on her own.

While her siblings were away at school during lambing season, she assisted her family.

Nancy received a lot of admiration from her fans as they watched her step up to assist her parents.

They described her as “adorable” and said that, like the rest of her siblings, she was “growing up so quickly.”

All of Amanda’s kids have gotten compliments for pitching in on the farm.

The celebrity’s most recent post honored her oldest daughter Raven for volunteering for the NHS.

The other daughters of Amanda photographed with their sister, and Amanda exclaimed that she was “extremely proud.”

Working hard and studying as well, progressing, multitasking, willing to try everything, and trying to make a difference, she continued.

Additionally, many have noted how much Raven resembles her mother.

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