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Neighbours’ Glen Donnelly makes a big confession in the show’s latest episode

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Glen Donnelly, the mastermind behind Terese Willis’ wedding ring abduction on Neighbours, has finally admitted the truth.

Terese misplaced the missing item on a beach during a work trip to Queensland late last year, and Glen had it for weeks.

By happenstance, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) was reunited with the missing ring, but Glen kept quiet about his role in keeping it hidden from her for so long.

As the aftermath of the hurricane calamity proceeded on Thursday’s show on Channel 5, Glen decided it was time to come clean.

After Terese’s estranged husband, Paul (Stefan Dennis), nearly died in the Flamingo Bar accident, Glen has decided to strike a truce with his brother Paul (Stefan Dennis).

After learning that Terese had moved into the penthouse to care for Paul now that he’s out of the hospital, Glen felt that the best strategy was to be honest in order for everyone to move on.

“Please know I couldn’t be more humiliated,” Glen said Terese as he paid her a visit while Paul was present. I retrieved and saved your wedding band after you lost it on the beach.

“The only reason you got it back is because it was picked up in my hotel room by accident.”

Terese was incensed by the news, dismissing Glen’s warnings that the ring – and Paul’s continuous presence in her life – posed a threat to her sobriety.

“You wanted control over him and me, and you got it. Terese remarked, “I can’t even look at you anymore.”

Paul also interfered, telling Glen to leave Erinsborough for good and never return – despite the fact that we already know he won’t get his way.

Glen’s actor, Richard Huggett, previously told Digital Spy that his character would be on the show for at least six months.

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