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Neighbours reveals first look at new opening titles for 2022

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The credits get a refresh.

Digital Spy readers have had an early glimpse at the new opening titles for Neighbours.

The Australian serial has recorded a new 2022 storyline that includes numerous new visuals. It’s available in its entirety in the player at the top of this page.

The new titles also feature scenes shot on location in and around Melbourne, which show some of the Erinsborough favorites having more fun away from home than normal.

“We are really excited about our new opening titles because they represent our desire this year to feature a larger variety of thrilling and interesting background locales in the 2022 season,” Neighbours executive producer Jason Herbison told Digital Spy exclusively.

“We believe it improves our storytelling and shines a light on Melbourne’s wonderful city and environs.”

For the first time, mysterious new figure Freya Wozniak, played by Phoebe Roberts, appears in the titles.

Freya appears alongside Chloe Brennan, possibly implying that the two may become friends in the future.

Glen Donnelly has been added to the list of actors. Richard Huggett, who plays him, previously revealed to Digital Spy that he would be back on the program for at least six months.

Harlow Robinson, Hendrix Greyson, and Mackenzie Hargreaves are spotted at the Lassiters rooftop pool, which was featured in last year’s dramatic season finale.

Paul Robinson and Terese Willis, who had been estranged for a long time, continue to appear together in the sequence, which could be a hint that they’ll be able to work out their problems.

“I think the world wants Terese and Paul to get back together,” Stefan Dennis, who plays Paul, recently told Digital Spy.

“I’d like to see that as well, since they’re so complementary but also so dissimilar.” That’s why they’re so tenacious. They’re just two incredibly strong individuals who are at odds.”

Neighbours fans in the UK can see the new titles for the first time on Friday, January 21, while they’ll make their debut in Australia on Wednesday, January 26.

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