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Neighbours tragedy as Amy Greenwood’s secret past exposed in death twist?

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Amy Greenwood’s dark background could be revealed in upcoming episodes of NEIGHBOURS on Channel 5, as the reason for her return to Ramsay Street could finally be revealed.

In the previous few weeks, Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) has been overjoyed by the arrival of her daughter Zara Selwyn (Freya Van Dyke) on Neighbours, but it’s evident there are problems in their connection. Last year, the colorful character made her spectacular comeback as a regular character on the Channel 5 drama, and she wore many secrets on her shoulders, but with her child showing up in Erinsborough, her darkest secret may be revealed. How will her friends and family react when they learn she played a role in her ex-death, husband’s and will she be able to explain herself?

Zara’s arrival on Ramsay Street has already had an influence on Amy’s life, jeopardizing her relationships with Ned Willis (Ben Hall) and Levi Canning (Richie Morris).

Her friendship with Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Maloney) will be tested as her daughter’s misbehavior has major ramifications.

Toadie is the one person Amy has been able to confide in about all of her problems because they met during Amy’s initial time on the show years ago.

He is aware of her difficulties in relationships, as she married two men who later came out to be gay, putting a stop to their romances.

However, it’s possible that Amy married for the third time while Zara was growing up and right before she returned to Erinsborough.

Amy will have let Zara and her other two children get to know her new spouse despite them all living with their own fathers, believing he might be the one.

Unfortunately, husband number three may have been having an affair behind his wife’s back, and she will have found the truth not long after the wedding.

The beloved Ramsay Street figure, enraged and unable to believe another marriage was coming to an end, was on the verge of committing murder.

Zara may have strolled in to observe the crime scene after killing her husband, and Amy may have compelled her daughter to help her cover the body because she had no other choice.

This will have put a strain on their relationship, which is why the mother of three is planning a trip to Erinsborough in 2020.

The returnee to Ramsay Street will have wished to keep this a secret because her third marriage ended in death.

Amy will have tried to mend things between her and Zara before returning as a full-time character, but the kid will have just wanted to get on with her life.

With her previous life seemingly behind her, the mother of three may have desired to start a fresh life in Erinsborough, where no one knew about her murderous past.

As a result, Amy was taken aback when Zara showed up in the New Year, ostensibly seeking to work on her connection with her mother.

Despite her best efforts to maintain her life on Ramsay Street, it appears that her daughter is affecting and destroying the environment she has created.

Is it only a matter of time before Zara informs Amy’s friends and family that she is a murderer, or will her mother be able to keep her quiet?

The actress who plays Amy, Jacinta, revealed in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk that her character’s background will be crucial in the not-too-distant future.

“Yes, there are a few things that come up, and it will make viewers realize why she returned to Erinsborough,” the soap star remarked.

“Amy has reached a point in her life when she no longer wishes to travel. Her entire motivation for returning to Erinsborough is that it seemed like home to her, and she wants to establish a home there for her children to visit.

“It’s surprising to see Zara there, but that was Amy’s ultimate aim, so now it’s just a matter of navigating those connections, which she’s never done before.”

“I am not a mother myself, but I have spoken to a lot of friends about parenthood, and they all say there are no rules, and as a parent, you might feel like a failure at any stage,” Jacinta added, “therefore I believe Amy puts a lot of pressure on herself.”

After over two decades away from the program, the actress opened out about how she felt about making a comeback and being at the center of some dramatic stories.

“It’s so much joy – Amy is just so much fun and fantastic,” she remarked. Dressing up in Amy’s heels, gowns, and a plethora of hot pink ensembles is just stunning, and I like it.

“Amy is a really exciting and dynamic character, and I like portraying her,” she continued, before revealing if she was aware that her character would end up in a polyamorous relationship.

“I knew about Amy’s family and some prospective Ramsay Street arrivals for her,” the actress added, “but not the polyamorous connection, which was a surprise for all of us.”

“The writers were incredibly nice, and we had a lot of discussions about the polyamorous storyline to make sure we got it properly,” Jacinta said.

“Polyamory isn’t something we see on TV very frequently, and it’s not something I’ve seen on Australian television at all, so we’ve tried to portray it as accurately as possible.”

“It’s something we’ve always wanted to look into and do honor to the dynamic.”

“I think it’s fabulous! I’m super happy to be representing such a modern relationship – love is love and it’s great to see Amy so happy.”

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