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Friday, June 14, 2024

Over 20 years after his departure, Emmerdale welcomes back a former star, but with a twist.

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After 24 years, Robert Beck is making a comeback to Emmerdale. Be still our pounding hearts.

In the ITV soap opera back in 1999, the TV star, who has been in nearly all of the largest soap operas in the country, memorably played heartthrob Gavin Ferris, a flame of Bernice Blackstock who invested in the Woolpack.

Gavin and Bernice famously broke up after Bernice and Tricia Stokes discovered him kissing Jason Kirk. Shortly after, Gavin left the community.

Fans have been waiting for him to come back for almost 25 years, but even though actor Robert is making a comeback, he won’t be bringing Dale’s counterpart with him because he’s taking on a whole different job this time.

Way to hurt our feelings.

In scenes that will run this week, the soap star—who is married to Jane Danson from Coronation Street—will play Harry, a deadly criminal who knows Corey and partners with Cain Dingle. Harry is a friend of Corey.

Nate Robinson, who is depressed over his financial situation when Moira reduced his hours at the farm, remembers Corey from school and approaches him about a job because he feels inadequate in the presence of his former classmate’s success.

Nate approaches Corey once more to seek for a job, and Corey claims he can’t help it—until he sees his old friend with none other than Caleb Miligan, the project’s silent investor!

Finally, Caleb promises Nate a job in exchange for his silence, which serves as the impetus for Harry, played by Beck, to show up as events take a dark turn the next week.

Nate is excited to sign up for whatever these assignments may entail given his financial condition, and in the scenes that follow, he meets with client Harry after Corey informs him that there are options to make extra money on the side.

When Nate returns with a major tip and tells Corey that Caleb doesn’t have to know what they’re up to, Harry is quite impressed. However, Caleb thinks Corey is up to something shady and begs Nate to watch out for him.

Nate follows orders and learns that Corey’s arrangement with Harry isn’t really legal, but he agrees to keep it quiet because of the extra money.

But soon after, when Harry assigns him to a sketchy duty, he becomes alarmed and, in an effort to avoid it, notifies Corey of Caleb’s misgivings.

However, Corey turns to threats, explaining that it would be much worse for them to cross Harry.

Will Nate be able to escape this situation? Or is this the start of a perilous and sinister narrative for him? That is still up in the air.

This won’t be Robert’s first time playing a sinister gangster; two years ago, he frightened viewers as the villainous Fergus Collins in Hollyoaks. Robert has also been in Coronation Street and Brookside.

Partner Trish Minniver (Denise Welch), who defended daughter Maxine (Nikki Sanderson), whose life was in jeopardy at the time in question, killed Fergus.

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