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PC of Emmerdale When Swirling learns that Rishi Sharma has died, he “breaks character” and fights back tears.

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When PC Swirling (Andy Moore) of Emmerdale learned of Rishi Sharma’s (Bhasker Patel) passing, he was just like the rest of us. He struggled to hold back his tears as he expressed his condolences to Jai (Chris Bisson).

After learning of Rishi’s terrible departure from Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana), who had returned home to discover Jai clutching his father’s body close in a heartbreaking moment, the policeman came to Holdgate on Friday (July 28).

Jai, I’m so sorry for your loss,” Swirling remarked, obviously shocked by the information. “I really liked your dad.”

We assure you that we are not crying.

Swirling entered the house and addressed a sombre Jai who was trying to digest the death of his father. He spoke to Jai and asked him some questions as per police protocol in an effort to determine the precise cause of Rishi’s death.

Rishi was at the bottom of the steps when Jai got to Holdgate, and he insisted that he hadn’t been moved. Jai also stated that there was ‘no blood’ at the scene.

When the policeman asked the bereaved son how his father had been when they had last spoken, Jai said that they had argued on his wedding day and that there was no chance of their making up in this life.

Swirling took the news hard, plainly grieving for Jai’s loss, and laid a comforting hand on him, giving him the help he needed in his hour of need.

Not every hero dons a cape. Someone should hug the dude!

The episode in question ended with the father unconscious on the floor, clothed in his suit, evidently having been on his way to his son’s wedding. As fans are aware, Rishi passed away on Thursday (July 27).

After 12 years of portraying the role, Bhasker Patel announced his departure, telling fans how much he will miss it.

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