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Peter Barlow of Coronation Street was ‘framed’ for murder, as evidenced by his removal from the cobbles.

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Peter Barlow of Coronation Street recently experienced a tough spell after Carla Connor relapsed as a result of Stephen Reid and Ryan Connor’s acid attack, but he was able to stay on the straight and narrow.

Chris Gascoyne’s character Peter Barlow of Coronation Street will depart the ITV soap later this year, and official spoilers indicate that his departure will be devastating.

Although a departure storyline has not yet begun and actor Chris Gascoyne has not yet left the serial opera, spoilers for upcoming scenes could lead one to believe differently.

While Peter is unaware that Stephen has again caused Carla’s madness, he may be a part of a more nefarious scheme.

In the episodes airing the next week, Peter might implicate himself in one of Stephen’s victims’ deaths.

Rufus Donahue (Steve Meo), whom Stephen drugged and subsequently drowned in his swimming pool, was his most recent victim. Since moving to Weatherfield, Stephen has killed three persons who have discovered his dark secrets.

Although his wife Lou doesn’t agree with the police’s assertion that Rufus drank too much, she soon travels to Weatherfield.

She informs Stephen and Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) that she has cancelled their meeting and that she believes foul play was involved in Rufus’ death because the inquest report is expected tomorrow.

Stephen is frightened to learn that his crime may have been discovered when Lou says that she has also contacted the Gazette to share her story and her suspicions that Rufus was slain.

Lou returns and tells Stephen and Carla that the coroner determined that Rufus died by misadventure when some new information comes to light.

Later in the week, Lou displays to Stephen various objects discovered at the crime scene, one of which belonged to the murderer.

Lou also displays some of Rufus’ possessions to Stephen, one of which is a tie pin that belongs to Stephen and puts him at risk of exposure.

She says she will present the pin to the police, but she warns that doing so could get Peter into a lot of trouble.

When Lou alerts Peter about the missing watch of Rufus, Peter tells Carla that he found the watch in the trunk of his cab and pawned it to pay for her recovery.

Has Peter now raised the possibility that he killed Rufus? Could Lou and the police connect him to her husband’s death if they learn what he did with the watch?

There would be no doubt that if Peter left at some point, it would clear the way for his potential future return.

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