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Peter Bergman Reveals Why Y&R’s Smilin’ Jack Is All Smiles

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Jack Abbott’s nickname “Smilin’ Jack” extends beyond his appearance on The Young and the Restless. Peter Bergman, who portrays him, explains to Soap Hub why he is also grinning these days and why Susan Walters, who plays Diane, is a major factor in it.

Peter Bergman: When You’re Smiling

While recovering from an eye injury in November 2021, Josh Griffith, the head writer and co-executive producer, and Danielle Unger, Director Current, CBS, called Bergman to put his mind at ease.

According to Bergman, “They wanted to talk to me about this person they wanted to bring back,” referring to the choice to have Walters reprise her role as Diane. (When Diane was portrayed by Maura West, who is currently Ava Jerome on General Hospital, the show had already killed her off back in 2011).

A Little Diddy About Jack and Diane

For a very long period, I had been beating this drum, Bergman admits. He agrees that the Abbotts and the Newmans are the two influential families on which Young and the Restless is based. Unfortunately, Jack and Billy (Jason Thompson) were the main Abbotts present at this time. According to Bergman, Griffith and Unger told him, “that’s what we’re trying to fix.”

“I owe those two so much for the prominence of the Abbott family [today],” Bergman exclaims. “Returning Jabot. bringing the Abbott household back. And they returned Susan. Peter Bergman is overjoyed by this.

Peter Bergman: Payback’s a Bliss

Bergman believes there is only one way to express his gratitude to the people who have featured the Abbott family on the canvas along with bringing Diane and Walters back to the fore. “I owe them my best stuff,” he claims. Jack also intends to fully commit to his brand-new union with Diane. He refers to the union between Jack and Diane as being “forever. I only have good things to say about Susan Walters.

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