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‘Polling below Jeremy Corbyn!’ Sally Nugent hits out at Keir Starmer over Labour stanceSALLY NUGENT hit out at Keir Starmer for Labour’s position in the polls as she questioned whether it was effective enough.

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Keir Starmer, the leader of Labour, spoke with hosts Sally Nugent and Jon Kay on Monday morning on Labour’s stance in the current crisis. As she contrasted Starmer’s popularity with that of his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, Sally attacked the Labour party’s stance and the effectiveness of their resistance. Many people have questioned Starmer and the Labour Party’s position in light of the present cost of living issue in the UK. For failing to present a strategy for how Starmer would handle the situation if he were Prime Minister, the Labour Party has come under pressure. “Do you think Labour is offering effective opposition at the moment knowing that you are currently polling below Jeremy Corbyn,” Sally shot out at the leader.”If you take the cost of living crisis, it was just a year ago that I suggested we should have a plan to insulate 19 million homes,” Starmer retorted.

“So that was September of last year, and in January we presented the windfall tax, which the government didn’t adopt for another five months.

Five months after promising not to do something, they really did it.

“We also proposed lowering the VAT on energy prices, Rishi Sunak is finally admitting ‘actually Labour was right about that,’ and now we’ve come up with a comprehensive costed proposal,” the Labour leader continued.

“Since we’ve been discussing energy costs for the past 12 months, I don’t think anyone can argue the Labour party is doing anything other than leading the charge and bringing the proposals forward.”

“As we’ve seen in the last 12 months, the government finally catches up with and implements a version of what we’ve been recommending,” continued Starmer.

Just that families are having a hard time right now.

Sally interrupted him and said, “It’s taken you till the middle of August to get a plan,” before he could finish.

“Well, we wanted to make sure that we got the forecast for the figure that are actually going to come in, in October,” the politician said in response.

Since I requested a fully costed plan from the team, the last credible prediction was, I believe, on Tuesday of last week.

Because if I didn’t, you’d be telling me, quite rightly, that I had a plan, but it hadn’t been costed.

“For an increase that will occur in October of this year, we have a strategy that takes into consideration all of those estimates and puts that plan on the table today.”

In spite of these intentions, Starmer has a long way to go before becoming the next prime minister.

The current Conservative party can only in office for a maximum of four years before a general election even puts Starmer in contention to be the next leader of the nation.

There is no word yet on who will fill Boris Johnson’s position now that he has resigned, Sunak or Liz Truss.

Before the final voting for the next prime minister, the two candidates participated in a series of debates in an effort to win over Conservative party members.

However, recent polls found that a resounding majority favor Johnson over Truss or Sunak.

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