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Pregnancy anxiety wrecks pair in EastEnders romance

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With two couples calling it quits in the previous few weeks, romance on EastEnders appears to be difficult to maintain lately. Official spoilers state that another partnership will face additional difficulties.

In forthcoming episodes of EastEnders, Natalie Cassidy’s character Sonia Jackson worries that she might be pregnant, and the shock could cause problems for her and Reiss Colwell (Jonny Freeman).

Even though Sonia and Reiss have only been dating for a short while, they have already encountered several difficulties.

In upcoming episodes of the BBC soap opera, Reiss is called into a client crisis, forcing Sonia to spend her day off at the hospice with his wife Debbie Colwell (Jenny Meier). Sonia is furious about this.

Later, Sonia is encouraged by Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) to tell Reiss about Debbie.

Sonia is worried that she might be pregnant because her menstruation is late. She tells Whitney what’s happening.

Reiss tries to arrange a lunch date to apologise for his earlier insensitivity regarding Sonia’s thoughts towards Debbie, but he unintentionally causes trouble when he discusses his unfavourable opinions on having children while intoxicated and uninformed of Sonia’s dilemma.

Will she ultimately confide with Reiss about her worries? Or will their disagreement be sparked by his words?

It’s probable that Sonia will find Reiss’ remarks offensive. This, together with her worries about Debbie, could lead Sonia to end her relationship.

When Sonia learned Reiss had concealed the existence of his wife, she recently ended their relationship.

As it turned out, Debbie had experienced a life-altering stroke and was now residing in a hospice. Sonia forgave Reiss for his deception.

Despite their brief relationship, the two have already experienced disagreements. Can they handle yet another huge setback?

The spoiler has already sparked discussion among fans, and it appears that people like seeing the couple together.

“Sonia possibly being pregnant is so funny because what is the reason behind that,” tweeted @realseanslater. However, I would think Sonia and Reiss as parents on EastEnders to be so adorable.

“I’m really glad that Sonia might be pregnant,” @soaps_extra continued, “because she deserves all the joy and we deserve to see how chaotic Reiss is as a parent. #Eastenders.”

In addition, @MarkySciFi1980 tweeted, “Loving Reiss and Sonia together it’s so sweet tbh #Eastenders.”

“Reiss and Sonia are f***ing hilarious together,” tweeted @barilace.

After watching tonight’s episode of #Eastenders, @MyHappyReads wrote: “I’m bl**** loving Reiss and Sonia! Brilliant. “It was only Callum.”

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