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Roy Cropper from Coronation Street will witness a teenager yearning for him in an unexpected turn.

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Roy Cropper from Coronation Street has been a fan favourite ever since he first arrived in Weatherfield in 1995. The proprietor of the cafe has been at the focus of numerous significant plots, but he will soon get involved in an unexpected plot development.

Roy Cropper (played by David Neilson) finds himself at the focus of a dramatic storyline twist on Coronation Street when a youngster makes a startling amorous approach to him.

In the ITV soap, a young girl tries to plant a kiss on Roy, which surprises him.

As the main character, Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton), obtains employment at Roy’s Rolls, Roy’s café, the plot develops.

She chooses to express her sentiments to Roy despite misinterpreting the situation.

Everyone is curious to know how Roy will reply.

After making her debut earlier this year, Lauren, a recent addition to the soap opera, has returned.

She expresses her affections for Roy after a heartbreaking revelation leaves her distraught.

Roy will be “stunned” by Lauren’s surprise action because she misinterprets his act of goodwill, according to Metro.

She appears to misread his offer of job because she is used to receiving cold treatment from others.

This year, Lauren made her television debut as a character in Max Turner’s (Paddy Bever) extreme grooming storyline. Max was coerced into embracing racist beliefs by a far-right organisation that was out to get Weatherfield’s Muslim residents.

Max was affected by the radical group in which Lauren’s father participated.

As a result of persuasion, she also became involved in their extremist efforts. Lauren’s father, Reece (Scott Anson), was just sentenced to 18 years in prison for his acts.

Lauren had anticipated seeing Max when she got back to Coronation Street, but instead she learned about his new love interest, Sabrina (Luana Santos).

Future episodes will have Max spending time with Lauren once more, making Lauren envious. Cait Fitton, who plays Lauren, discussed how her character would be “heartbroken” if Max moved on.

She continued, “She is very heartbroken. Max was her final option.

She’s returned, and her entire world has suddenly come crashing down. I believe everything she is feeling is very relevant. The problem is that when stress levels rise, we automatically erupt and vent our frustration on various people.

Following her interactions with Max and Roy, it is still unclear whether Lauren will stay on the show. Additionally, it’s unclear if Max and Lauren will get together in upcoming episodes. Lauren will begin working at the café the next week, although it is still unknown when the scenes starring Roy will air.

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