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Ryan Prescott of Coronation Street discusses Ryan and Daisy’s future and verifies whether or not they are in love.

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Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) will always be remembered by Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) as the one who saved her from an acid assault in Coronation Street.

A few seconds after Justin (Andrew Still) flung the liquid in Daisy’s direction, the adored character leaped in front of him. At the moment, Ryan was unaware that it was sulfuric acid, but when Justin fled and the layer of face tissue began to burn, Ryan’s screams and sobs reverberated throughout the tavern.

The fallout from Ryan’s attack has been difficult and extremely emotional. One of his initial key priorities was getting close to Crystal, the Ibiza club representative he had met days before the incident.

Ryan began to feel a true connection with Crystal as the weeks passed, but he was never aware that Daisy was hiding behind the phone number the entire time.

Ryan and Daisy consequently began to feel something for one another. They shared several intense moments, including a few kisses, whether it was during the trial, later, or just when Daisy dropped by for a visit.

Ryan was determined that their friendship had to stop when Daisy’s lies about Crystal came to light, but Ryan Prescott clarified that even if they aren’t talking right now, their affections for one another still exist:

He said, “I think there will always be tension between them.”

“When you go through something as horrible as that with someone, you kind of bond for life in a way that can only be explained by being in that situation with them—and the care that she’s shown. They have a history of dating and have grown particularly close over the past few months. In spite of the fact that he harbours strong feelings of animosity towards her for what she did, the catfishing, and even the breakdown of his relationship with Alya, he still harbours these feelings because of who she is and what she revealed to him.

Though I wouldn’t say Ryan has fallen in love with Daisy, it’s the next best thing. I believe Ryan is attempting to persuade himself that he doesn’t need Daisy.

‘Due to his tendency, he’s the first to fight against that.It’s a highly complex connection, therefore.I believe there is still a lot more between them that may and should occur.At this point, Ryan returns from Ireland with the intention of conveying the idea that he is independent of Daisy.

“With that two-week gap, he was able to return and distance himself from her.”Right now, everything revolves around his pride.

We learn that Ryan discreetly established up a social media account in an effort to improve his confidence as he settles back into Weatherfield.

In addition, he will start taking steroids in the hope that changing his appearance will alter how he feels on the inside.

“He’s just latching onto it as soon as he gets that feeling of acceptance or glorification, whether that’s through admiration or someone complimenting his aesthetic for his body,” Ryan said.

Similar to how he clings to every relationship he’s ever been in. To escape reality, he is clinging to something pleasurable, and the more he does so, the deeper his descent into denial or delusion becomes.

In considering Ryan’s mental state following some time away from the cobbles, he remarked, “I think this point is where we see the start of the extent of his denial, really.”

Most likely, it is the best way to describe it. It marks the beginning of what he perceives as his process of rehabilitation, his period of rising to his feet, growing more self-assured, and beginning to accept the scarring on his face.

“When he returns from Ireland, he has already taken up residence in that state of denial.” He already believes in himself that he is getting back on his feet and that his recent interest in fitness would enable him to emerge from his shell and acquire the necessary confidence.

It offers him something to concentrate on and gets his thoughts off of all the suffering he has had and the fact that he looks so different.

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