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Sarah Platt, a character on Coronation Street, decides to keep the child.

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Sarah Platt from Coronation Street recently learned that her husband Adam Barlow is not the biological father of her pregnant child.

Sarah Platt, portrayed by Tina O’Brien on Coronation Street, appears to have decided whether or not to retain her child.

After having an affair with Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths), which was revealed to her husband Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson), Sarah became pregnant earlier this year.

The two attempted to repair their relationship when Damon left Weatherfield, with Adam insisting he was the baby’s father.

Adam, however, revealed the truth at Sarah’s surreal gender reveal party by writing “it’s Damon’s” on a white balloon.

ITV viewers will see Adam confront Sarah in subsequent scenes about all the falsehoods she has told him, but the soon-to-be mother is suddenly overcome with stomach pains.

Adam doesn’t believe her and decides to ignore her since he thinks she’s trying to win his compassion.

Sarah is spotted by Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon), who goes to Adam out of concern, as she boards a cab to go to the hospital.

He puts his disagreements aside and runs after his wife, hating himself for misreading the situation.

The soap star says her character Sarah is yearning for the baby while discussing how she feels about the health risk in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk.

“I think she’s really scared,” the soap opera actress stated. Everything that has occurred and taken place with Stephen, including the manipulation of the letter and all of the deception.

She was certain of one thing: she had an early scan, had observed the pregnancy, and regardless of whether Damon or Adam was the father, she felt that she already loved the tiny human being who was developing inside her.

“That baby was all she wanted; something about it just clicked with her.

She is therefore quite afraid since she wants this baby, regardless of how Adam is acting.

There is currently a chance for the pair to reconcile because Damon has left the picture after Adam drove him out of town.

The bad guy, though, was spotted calling Sarah this week and seemed to want to speak with her, though it’s unknown if he is aware of her current state.

Could Damon be arriving in Weatherfield just as Adam resumes providing for his wife?

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