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Scarlet Spencer Talked Growing Up In The Spotlight With Maurice Benard

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Scarlet Spencer reveals how growing up in the spotlight can cause anxiety and much more.

On his video podcast State Of Mind, General Hospital’s Maurice Benard interviewed young actress Scarlet Spencer about the negative affects of growing up around Hollywood’s bright lights and how she managed to maintain a sound mind.

Scarlet Spencer: Staying Sane In An Insane World

The 16-year-old and Benard (Sonny) first connected at a Hidden Truth short film screening. Her maturity immediately won him over, and he was curious to learn more. With roles in shows including Paramount’s Awkward, Nickelodeon’s Cousins for Life, Showtime’s Shameless, Netflix’s Bright, and #BlackAF, Spencer has been acting since the age of 7.

The seasoned performer and State Of Mind anchor inquired as to what it was like to grow up in the spotlight. Spencer admitted, “I feel like I have always had anxiety because I have been in the public eye since I was nine.” Despite this, some people are really astonished by it.

More information was provided by the frank teen. “Like recently, I just said, ‘No, I can’t attend to that party since lately I’ve been suffering with depression. Going to public areas has made me really anxious because I don’t really know the individuals there, thus I feel uneasy. She said, “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry,” at that point. Furthermore, it was sincerely passionate. I’m very sorry you’re going through that, or something like it.

“What does your anxiety look and feel like?” Benard dug into his own experience with anxiety.

The young artist gave a really thoughtful answer right away. She said, “I see her as another person,” to clarify her meaning. “I don’t like her very much as a person, but we learn to get along and get along with each other in life.”

Benard, who is always eager to get to the point, questioned her about the idea of discussing mental health in schools. The ingenue declared, “I definitely think that is something that needs to be discussed more in school. “Thank goodness, it seems like people are acquiring information online and have more space to discuss it, too. Online, there is a lot of negative stuff, but you may also connect with others to feel a little less alone. I believe that is social media’s main purpose in its whole.

A Star Shining Bright

For her age, Scarlet Spencer was poised and perceptive. The unusual pair reflected on her upbringing, growing up in Studio City and Woodland Hills, breaking out as the star of Nickelodeon’s Cousins for Life, and the anxiety that comes with auditioning in front of industry heavyweights at a young age.

In #BlackAF, she revealed behind-the-scenes tales of working with Hollywood heavyweights like Rashida Jones and Kenya Barrish, including a journey to Fiji to film the show’s finale and her first meeting with Will Smith for Netflix’s Bright. Despite his disastrous award ceremony performance in 2022, the actress and her mother were quite impressed with the Oscar-winning actor. To find out what she said, you should watch.

The young actress had a wealth of knowledge about work ethics, retaining self-esteem, and homeschooling while juggling her busy job schedule because she had practically grown up on Hollywood movie sets. Spencer makes jokes about her experience with PTSD following her participation in The Kid’s Choice Awards, among many other topics. Learn more about the aspiring young actor. View the complete episode right here.

Scarlet Spencer has pages on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube where fans can learn more about her and follow her. Go to Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to subscribe to and follow State Of Mind. Fans can now buy Benard’s State Of Mind-related inspiring goods. Look into it.

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