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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For GH: Carolyn Hennesy

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She’s is one tough cookie and won’t let anything like a hook weaken her resolve for justice!

Even if your character is confined to a hospital bed in a soap opera, you can’t just sit there doing nothing. A In the scenes she played as the legal eagle attempting to assist investigators in learning more about her attack, Diane Miller brought a lot of energy. Soap Hub “sentences” Carolyn Hennesy, who plays Diane, to being Soap Hub’s Performer of the Week for GH for her performance.

Carolyn Hennesy – Performer of the Week

Given Diane’s frequent court appearances, she was aware of the importance of providing as many details as possible to aid Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) and other law enforcement officers from Port Charles in apprehending the hooker (or the hook, as some could put it).

When asked how she was feeling by Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), Diane said, “I’m delightfully numb.” Although Sonny is accustomed to being in command, his son Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) gave him the order to remain silent in order to prevent him from influencing Diane’s reactions. A very pale Diane undoubtedly appeared to have been through the ringer and lost a significant quantity of blood, so props to the makeup artists.

Even while lying in a hospital bed, Diane maintained her razor-sharp wit when she remarked that she believed only “heresy” applied in courts. With Diane, Carolyn Hennesy struck the ideal balance. She was still weak from her ordeal, but she played herself well enough to respond to queries. It was audible in her voice.

Anyone who had been assaulted in the manner that Diane had was going to be perplexed as to the precise order of events. We observed Diane being carefully assembled the case by Hennesy, but we never lost sight of the fact that Diane was the victim in all of this.

Diane perked up when Dante asked her if she heard anything, frustrated that she couldn’t recall anything else. She then remembered hearing bracelets clicking against each other. Before he went, Sonny put his hand on Diane’s shoulder to support her, and when she reached out to him, she groaned. Diane is still recovering, and it might take some time before she is fully recovered, as Hennesy never let us forget.

Dr. TJ Ashford informed Diane that her mind was shielding her from the trauma so she wasn’t fully remembering who her attacker was. He cautioned her against pressing herself too hard to recall. Things would eventually turn around. I’m sorry, Doc, but that won’t work for me; for now, all I want is this.

this lunatic captured,” Diane retorted. The alter ego of Carolyn Hennesy never loses her shrewd edge, not even when she is defenseless and flat on her back. In every scene, Carolyn Hennesy gives it her all.

Honorable Mention: At Spring Ridge Prison, Maura West (Ava Jerome Cassadine) and Jon Lindstrom (Ryan Chamberlin) deserve praise for their latest round of cat-and-mouse mind games. We almost—let me say that again—felt bad for the sociopath who had to deal with Ava’s inquisitive intellect when she went to see him. Ava played mind games with Ryan, tormenting him with her suspicions about Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl — we’re so thrilled she’s back! ), but she didn’t physically pursue the ostensibly incapacitated Ryan. Ryan received one final shot from Ava as she was leaving the room, informing him she was so that there would be no doubt about the results of the additional neurological test that was being done on him. West always knows how to add a little additional snap to a scene’s conclusion!

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