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Spoilers for Coronation Street: Sarah receives a shocking revelation at the gender reveal party as her life unravels

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Future Coronation Street episodes will reveal Sarah Platt’s (Tina O’Brien) falsehoods, endangering their future relationship. Adam Barlow is played by Sam Robertson.

Adam was curious about Sarah’s response when the sonographer scheduled a genetic disorders test for her unborn child after visiting Sarah’s most recent scan.

Prior to the airing of these scenes, Adam believed that he and Damon (Ciaran Griffiths) were the parents of Sarah’s child. Sarah didn’t have the guts to admit that Adam had misinterpreted her during their talk and that the paternity test results hadn’t truly come back.

In response to his concerns, Adam informed Sarah following their visit to the hospital that he requires official confirmation from the clinic regarding the paternity of her child.

Coming up, Sarah leaves for home to face the music and discovers Adam holding the crucial letter. She tries to sneak away as he rips it open, but Adam smiles and shows her the results, demonstrating that he is the father.

Later, Adam discusses his intentions to throw Sarah a surprise gender reveal party with Ken (William Roache) and Daniel (Rob Mallard).

With additional missed calls from Damon appearing on her phone as the new week gets underway, Sarah is uneasy.

She is also worried about Adam’s reserved conduct, but Stephen (Todd Boyce) reassures her that her husband is simply preoccupied with organising a gender reveal. Sarah acts surprised as the Platts and Barlows assemble in the restaurant for the celebration.

Sarah opens the balloon box in front of her guests to disclose the gender of her unborn child, and later in the week, it seems that’s when things started to go terribly wrong for the character when she is shown attempting to talk to Adam to preserve her marriage.

Sarah feels a sharp gut pain as Adam berates her for all the falsehoods.

Maria (Samia Longchambon) notices Sarah getting into a cab to drive herself to the hospital and tells Adam. Adam is outraged and tells Maria that he felt she was fabricating the pain.

Will Adam be there to support Sarah as she waits for the news?

And have they reached the end of their relationship’s road?

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