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Spoilers for EastEnders: George is shaken by a flashback as Cindy re-enters his life.

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In forthcoming episodes of EastEnders, George Knight (Colin Salmon) is reminded of his relationship with Rose as Anna (Molly Rainford) looks for information about her disappearance.

Phil (Steve McFadden) informed George that a woman named Rose doesn’t really exist before the shocking revelation that Rose is actually Cindy Beale.

In order to ensure Cindy was the person behind the moniker all along, he then dialled Rose’s number, which brought us all the way to France.

With Peter (now played by Thomas Law) and Ian (Adam Woodyatt), Cindy is currently residing in France. In a previous episode of the BBC One soap opera, we learned that Cindy had been working covertly as Rose, but that she was no longer required to do so and could, if she so chose, return to England.

While George has pushed Rose’s revelation to the back of his mind and returned to Walford, Anna has begun to consider whether she might be able to uncover the truth. Gina (Francesca Henry) and Anna are both aware that Rose left the family, but George hasn’t hinted to the sisters that he knows more about her.

Coming up, Gina tries to tell George everything after learning that Anna stole the money to hire a private investigator, but she falters before Anna tells a falsehood about leaving the money on the side while cashing up, and someone stole it.

Gina issues an ultimatum to Anna when they are alone, and the following day, George understands there is a problem between his daughters.

He is successful in getting Anna to admit that the money was taken, and he then begs her to stop the search because it will only put her in danger.

But because Cindy and Ian are travelling to Walford, George’s attempts to stop Anna’s quest will be fruitless when he eventually runs into his former.

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