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Spoilers for Emmerdale: Lydia is reminded of her terrible childhood baby loss by a face from her past.

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While Lydia (Karen Blick) from Emmerdale has done everything in her power to forget about the tragic stillbirth of her baby when she was a young girl living in the care home, a blast from the past is about to bring it all back.

When the baby’s body was found on school property in 2019 and a photo of the baby’s mother, a lady called Jennifer, circulated with a strong likeness to Lydia, the mystery surrounding Lydia’s baby was finally revealed.

She went through a terrible ordeal when she was a teenager, and since then she has tried to bury the truth once more. However, Lydia unexpectedly finds herself transported back to the moment when her world fell apart while looking for an extra job.

Sam carries a used dolls house he discovers in a skip home in the hopes of refurbishing it in time for Esther’s birthday. As she and Sam work on the project together, Lydia compares it to an experience she had when she was a child and remembers what happened to her son, Toby.

The fact that they had to rescue a doll from a skip is an allusion to the Dingles’ perpetual financial troubles. As Dan’s (Liam Fox) condition worsens, Lydia realizes she needs to raise her salary in order to support Amelia (Daisy Campbell).

When she asks Kim (Claire King) for more hours, she is promptly denied and forced to choose a backup strategy. Sam is hesitant, but Lydia goes to the Hide Recruitment Fair in the hopes of getting a job.

She could, however, have done better to heed Sam’s advice and remain at home. Lydia goes to the fair with the expectation that she will find something, but she doesn’t locate a job.

She is shocked to run into a stranger who turns out to be a man named Craig from the home where her kids live, someone she never anticipated ever seeing into again. Why is he interested in her?

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