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Stephen Reid’s subsequent victim on Coronation Street is “sealed” following a threat of exposure.

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Stephen Reid from Coronation Street has been living in Weatherfield for a little over a year and has already killed three people. His next victim might be right around the corner.

Todd Boyce’s character in Coronation Street, Stephen Reid, killed Rufus Donahue (Steve Meo) after being faced with exposure for drugging Carla Connor (Alison King) to take control of Underworld.

However, Stephen’s homicidal reign might be coming to an end because his freedom and his demise are tied in a knot. Will he commit another murder to preserve his life?

Rufus’s wife Lou contacts the factory in upcoming scenes to inform Stephen and Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) that she has cancelled their meeting.

She informs the Gazette that the inquest report on Rufus’s death is scheduled to be released tomorrow and that she believes foul play was involved.

Lou notices Stephen’s anxiety, but he tries to hide it by pretending he doesn’t know who was involved in the incident or how Rufus died.

When he is by himself in the manufacturing office, Stephen searches the news for articles regarding Rufus’s passing to learn any details that would help him keep his cover from being discovered.

Later, as Stephen and Carla watch a customer depart the plant, Lou approaches once more, sending Stephen’s emotions into a spin.

He is taken aback when she confides in them both and says that the Coroner determined that Rufus died in an accident.

She continues by saying that she is determined to get the truth since she believes that Rufus’ drug-related death still doesn’t make sense.

Stephen assures her that it was undoubtedly a horrible accident while maintaining his composure and trying to confuse her.

Later in the week, Stephen struggles at Rufus’ memorial when Rufus’ son Jools asks him how he knew his father, causing him to hastily leave.

He tells Carla upon his return that he believed Rufus would look more popular if the manufacturing employees attended the memorial.

Jools begins a moving monologue about his father, and Stephen quickly leaves in front of Carla and Lou to use the loo.

When Stephen comes back, Lou shows him the bag that contains Rufus’ items that were discovered by the pool’s edge, and Stephen is terrified to see his tie pin within.

Lou also brings up Rufus’ missing watch, leading Chris Gascoyne’s character Peter Barlow to admit to Carla that he found the watch in the back of the cab and pawned it for Carla’s rehab.

When Lou says she’s going to show the tie pin to the police because it wasn’t Rufus’, Stephen is shocked.

Will a tie pin be the cause of Stephen’s demise? How will Stephen protect himself from being exposed for killing Rufus?

Is Stephen still putting Lou in danger?

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