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The star of Coronation Street says Catherine Tyldesley’s “cake gate” controversy is not her responsibility.

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Catherine Tyldesley, a former resident of Coronation Street who has been absent from the ITV soap for five years, has managed to maintain her notoriety in the wake of the current “cake gate” incident.

Nicola Thorp, a former cast member of Coronation Street, spoke last night on the TalkTV panel about the latest “cake gate” issue involving Catherine Tyldesley.

The owner of a nearby bakery is accused by Catherine of refusing to make her 100 birthday cakes in return for social media and magazine exposure.

She said, “I feel sad for the cake woman first and foremost. She is quite smart. She made a very wise statement. ‘I can’t pay my staff with heart emojis on Instagram,’ she said.

She is entirely correct. She is a company owner. Why in the world should it be anticipated? because this PR firm is profitable in some way. They are therefore receiving money; they are only choosing to withhold it from her.

But it’s also not Catherine’s fault because, in my opinion, she was unaware of it because that’s just how PR firms operate. I agree, that video was completely ill-advised. She wasn’t supposed to be shooting another female down.

“I firmly believe this. It is a woman’s industry… I’m tired of it since it occurs frequently and I don’t believe that’s a good thing. Cath continued in that video by saying, “I use this company constantly, and they have provided performers for me,” etc.

“Well, it’s your responsibility as the person hiring the party planner to be aware that everyone that shows up has been compensated.

“That’s a moral obligation, and you also want to make sure that this kind of thing wasn’t happening from a PR perspective,” the speaker said.

She continued by saying that PR firms should consider how and who they engage, particularly when it comes to small enterprises.

The controversy started when Rebecca Severs posted a snapshot of an email discussion between her bakery and the PR firm for an unnamed “well-known” celebrity asking for a cake for a 40th birthday party in September on Facebook this week.

“This poor celebrity apparently can’t afford to pay people for their goods and services,” wrote the bakery’s founder. Think about it! What became of women helping women?

Catherine responded to the women’s social media post with a video on her channel, saying, “Cake gate! WHAT!

“Therefore, I was unaware that those emails were sent. I’m not aware of any projects I’m working on with the great OK! magazine, but NVRLND is a fantastic business.

“They’ve given me performances in the past; they’re insane, and in this case, they’ve been entirely misrepresented.

“Absolutely strange; not sure what to say. I really do hope the cake lady got the attention she so much needed.

“Dead nice that thanks for coming while I’ve got journalists knocking on my front door while my kids are playing in the front room.”

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