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‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers For July 28: Victor Teaches Adam Another Painful Lesson; Diane’s Dreams Come True; Billy Denounces Jack and Diane

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The final episode of “The Young and the Restless” (Y&R) looks like it’s going to be a good one as things will be set in motion that might cause all kinds of havoc.

Of course, certain things won’t change, like Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) being browbeaten into following Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) like a good puppy.

Since this now occurs at least once a month, it is not surprising, and it appears that they are both at their breaking point this time.

Enter the fray!

‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers For July 28: Here we go again

It appears that Victor will want to speak with Adam again about doing as he says and obeying him, and things will proceed as expected.

Adam will be unimpressed and press Victor about how he wants everything done his way and only his way. Victor will show Adam that he is correct by threatening to sever all ties with the company.

According to “Young and the Restless,” Adam and Victor will become weary of one another because Victor can’t understand why Adam feels the need to constantly attack him or his sister, and Adam will grow weary of Adam since he’s never good enough.

It will be a fruitful discussion with Adam bowing down to Victor once more in the vain hope that he will be accepted by the family.

‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers For July 28: It’s time!

When Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) get married, their dreams will finally come true, but at a cost.

While they are content and cheerful, Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) will constantly mock them, and she won’t be the only one.

When Jack and Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) start dating before the wedding, Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) will assume his new role as the Trojan Horse, leading everyone to believe the family is disintegrating.

It’s a smart move, and we wonder how far they’ll go to make the point that Billy is turning against Jack since he wed Diane.

If they’re loud enough, they’ll get Ashley’s attention in addition to that of half of Genoa City.

As the effort to stop Ashley continues, this one has us eager to see what happens next.

But more than that, we believe Jack and Diane will convince many people that their relationship is genuine and not the result of a plot by her to take control of Jabot or ruin the family.

It depends on Ashley and Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) whether or not that is true.

Will Ashley be duped by Diane’s scheme? Please share your thoughts in the comments section, and stay tuned to ‘Young and the Restless’ for the most recent information, rumors, and spoilers.

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