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The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Should Cricket Put Phyllis In Jail?

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According to teasers for The Young and the Restless, Phyllis and Cricket are two women you wouldn’t expect to spill all the beans together. In fact, a lot of fans are baffled as to why Christine isn’t actively attempting to send Phyllis to prison, where she belongs. After all, she killed Jeremy Stark and faked her own death among other horrific actions. However, she has been able to once more wander freely around Genoa City’s streets. For all the information you require, continue reading below.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Should Cricket Put Phyllis In Jail?

It goes without saying that a lot of The Young and the Restless viewers have expressed their opinions on social media. Some people have even said things like, “Please has everyone forgotten that Phyllis tried to kill Christine back in the day. I hope she put Phyllis behind bars,” and “I am very disappointed I didn’t get to see Phyllis in a jail jumpsuit behind bars with a couple inmates being mean to her.” Where can I get the ankle monitor Diane was required to wear. Everything about it is so stupid.

Is the audience expected to believe that Phyllis would be out and about unmolested, a different admirer remarked. How naive…And Heather wouldn’t be able to defend Phyllis in real life. Heather is the grandmother of Phyllis and was once married to Daniel. Has the term “conflict of interest” ever been used?

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The following comment was also made: “Need to give it a rest it’s funny and pointless how there’s Y&R fans that’s outraged at Christina for wanting Phyllis in prison for her actions but keep on wanting and hoping for Diane downfall, want her either in prison or ran out of town if she does something horrible.”

Fans of The Young and the Restless will obviously have to watch to find out what happens next! Keep checking back because there will be more. While you wait, let us know what you think by writing a comment in the space provided below. On the CBS network, The Young and the Restless airs during the workweek. Verify locally

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