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THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers: Phyllis Plots Against Tucker!

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These spoilers for THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS up the stakes! Lily shocks Daniel, Jack and Diane’s plan is complicated by Billy’s news, Sharon has a proposal for Mariah, and Phyllis wants Adam’s assistance to halt Tucker in his tracks. Can he assist?

As Sharon is ready to launch a business venture with Nick and Adam, she decides to ask Mariah if she would be interested in doing so as well. She says, “Would you ever consider leaving Jabot to come work with your mother?” Mariah seemed shocked by the advice. Does she not believe that this is a smart move?

Since their romance has been reignited, Lily plans to give Daniel a sensual surprise. She moves around the easels in a satin robe that she pulls off and drops to the floor, teasing, “Since my bowl of fruit wasn’t inspiring for you. You could instead draw me.

In order to convince Ashley that he was on her side in the family feud and gather evidence against her, Billy consented to assist pretend that he and Jack were at odds. Unfortunately, the plan has become a little trickier. In front of a disgruntled Diane, Billy explains to his brother, “Our sister asked me to join her version of… our plan.” “She wants to use me as a Trojan horse at Jabot,” I said. With a groan, Jack cradles his head in his palm. Can they change course and still find a means to stop Ashley, or is this strategy doomed from the start?

When Phyllis stops by, Adam is taken aback since he can tell she has no interest in talking about the IT job he promised her. He inquires, “So what is the real, real reason that you’re here?” I need you to discover anything to take Tucker McCall down, Phyllis says after taking a long breath. Will Adam be able to find what she’s seeking for even if he agrees to assist her?

Check out this sneak peek for the next Y&R dramatic week!

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