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The’most unexpected’ revelation for Eve is revealed by EastEnders actor Heather Peace as her past comes crashing down

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In upcoming EastEnders episodes, Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) will experience a “shocking” twist that will cause her history to resurface and haunt her.

Eve is utterly upset that her girlfriend Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) deserted her, and she is desperate to find comfort wherever she can.

She has been on the outside because of this attitude, so when Eve finds out that Amanda has been trying to find her, she becomes curious and decides to find out who she is.

Since Suki and Eve split up, Eve has been seen out frequently, and when she does, she can’t seem to know when to stop. Added actress Heather Peace.

She then concludes, “If this girl knows me, I must have met her while I was out.” I suppose that, deep down, Eve is aware that she has seen her face before and is simply connecting the dots.

Eve is immediately asked out on a date by Amanda, but it quickly becomes apparent that Eve is unsure about going when she doesn’t return her calls.

Eve is eventually persuaded to take advantage of the opportunity by Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), who doesn’t want her to waste time waiting for Suki.

She continues, but some of it is also intended to enrage Suki. Suki is outside the Minute Mart, and she notices that Suki is not pleased that a girl is attempting to gain Eve’s number. There may have been some wrongdoing there!

Despite her best efforts to move on, Eve still harbours unresolved feelings for Suki, as Heather confessed.

I believe Suki to be her true love, and I doubt she has ever felt this way about anyone. Their bond is too strong. Eve believes that everything is over because Suki is now out of reach, therefore she must try to make the most of the situation and meet someone else.

Unfortunately, Eve and Amanda do not click, and things quickly become unpleasant.

But just as Eve is about to leave, Amanda admits that her real name is Caroline and drops a stunning revelation that will undoubtedly rock Eve’s life.

It’s a significant portion of Eve’s past that is returning to haunt her, Heather mocked, and this is perhaps the most unexpected person she could run into.

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