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Viewers of Coronation Street plead with a ‘iconic’ resident to replace Jenny as Rovers

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Jenny Connor from Coronation Street has been the landlord of The Rovers Return since 2018, but after losing the establishment, she might soon be looking for a new job.

Following the failure of Jenny Connor’s (Sally-Ann Matthews) final attempt to salvage the Rovers Return, Coronation Street viewers were left pleading for Glenda Shuttleworth (played by Jodie Prenger) to take over.

Jenny realized she had to take drastic action after telling Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), Glenda, and Sean Tully (Anthony Cotton) that the bar was having problems.

She enlisted the aid of Phillip Newton (Malcolm Scates) and his son Henry Newton (George Banks) when she thought it was time to see if a brewery would invest into The Rovers to keep it viable.

Tonight, the couple went to The Rovers to evaluate the vibe, the number of spectators it was drawing, and how well their accounts looked to determine if they would buy into it.

Glenda was supposed to perform for them that night, but after working on her voice all night, she ended up needing help from an old friend.

Their plot, however, failed when Glenda was overheard griping that Phillip had hit on her and said some insensitive remarks about his appearance.

After the performance ended, Weatherfield’s residents started to leave, which caused Jenny to become anxious about giving Henry the wrong impression.

He approached Jenny one-on-one to discuss if their agreement would work, and regrettably informed her that due to how poor her accounting was, they were unable to invest in The Rovers.

When she told Daisy, Sean, and Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) the news, she was unsure of what to do.

As she closed shop, Henry apologised to Betty Williams (Betty Driver) for not keeping the property afloat and offered her a business card so she could sell The Rovers and have it converted into flats.

Jenny had to consider selling The Rovers, but she decided Glenda would be the best option to keep it running, which grieved viewers of the ITV soap opera.

On Twitter, user @jonnymgdraws pleaded with followers to “just give her the Rovers immediately! “#corrie #coronationstreet” is displayed next to a picture of Glenda.

Just give Glenda the pub now, ffs #corrie #coronationstreet, James Manda wrote.(sic)

According to @CindyMindyDindy, “How amazing would it be if Glenda sold her dance company to help Jenny save the Rovers and became second landlady… A DREAM.”

Please tell me the legendary Glenda can assist Jenny or possibly take over, pleaded Pixie Jean. She is genuinely the kind of person who behaves in such manner.

@Waylo12 expressed his disapproval of Jenny losing the bar by joking, “@SallyAnMatthews is becoming a fantastic Landlady of the Rovers in @itvcorrie please don’t let her go:) #corrie #coronationstreet.”

While @GK_1234 speculated, “I think Jenny will do an insurance scam to save the Rovers #coronationstreet.” (sic)

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