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Viewers of Coronation Street slam ‘predatory’ Courtney Vance plotline starring Aadi

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ITV soap fans are concerned that Courtney Vance from Coronation Street has gotten to know Dev Alahan’s son Aadi quickly.

The current plot involving Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussein) and Courtney Vance (Stephanie Davis) has been dubbed “predatory” by Coronation Street viewers.

The Weatherfield figure has been accused by ITV viewers of “grooming” the “impressionable” youngster Aadi.

Adam, who plays Aadi, is 22 years old in real life, while his character in the cobbles drama is 17 years old, and Stephanie’s role is ten years older.

When Courtney wooed her husband’s trainee Aadi in sultry sex scenes that aired last week, viewers were left perplexed.

Aadi was surprised to discover Courtney at the office when he arrived expecting to see his boss, and she quickly made her intentions known.

In front of the dumbfounded youngster, she devilishly removed her shoes before saying, “I think you knew I’d be here on my own, or you were hoping that I would be, and now you’re not so sure but that’s OK.”

Prior to expressing how she felt “less guilty” knowing he was unmarried, Courtney assured Aadi not to be alarmed.

Aadi is young and impressionable and has obviously been resistant to Courtney, yet she continues, wrote Reddit user Beck in response to criticism of the plot.

She has authority over him because she is his boss’s wife. Because of this, the entire plot—even if they’re both adults—is predatory.

To be really honest, I kind of agree with some who have described it as grooming online.

He is sleeping with her primarily out of duty and concern for losing his job and Dev’s business arrangement, she decided.

I don’t think they’re really making the tone of it obvious, Allie wrote. Is their goal to tell a tale of exploitation or to engage in some hanky-panky? Is he enjoying the action or loathing it?

“Aadi is young, but he’s not a minor or especially defenceless. In terms of sexual interactions being shown on television, I believe that young people have more issues than Corrie.

Following her Coronation Street debut earlier this summer, Stephanie posted on social media with the following message: “Thanks so much for the overwhelmingly positive feedback. To find out what happens, follow @coronationstreet on Twitter.

The actress, formerly known as Sinead O’Connor on Hollyoaks, also participated in Celebrity Big Brother in 2016, where she placed second.

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