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What happened to Pippa in Home and Away?

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PIPPA Ross is best known for being a long running character on Home and Away.

She was involved in plenty of dramatic storylines, but what happened to her?

Who was Pippa Ross in Home and Away?

Pippa is known as the daughter of Bert and Coral King in Home and Away.

In 1969, she married her brother Danny’s army buddy Tom Fletcher, and they went on to foster Frank Morgan in 1978 after his parents Les were unable to care for him.

They continued to accept children from various homes and institutions as time passed.

Pippa and Tom had been married for a long time and had their own ups and downs, including allegations of infidelity.

They were able to work it out until Tom died suddenly of a heart attack in April 1990.

What happened to Pippa and Michael in Home and Away?

Michael Ross relocated to Summer Bay in October 1990 and rented a caravan from Pippa in the Caravan Park.

They became an item after she felt bad about her attraction to Michael and her shame over moving on from Tom.

They married in April 1991, and Michael’s adolescent son Haydn joined the household.

The newlyweds continued to foster children together.

However, their marriage seemed to deteriorate from there, as they encountered numerous difficulties.

Pippa and Michael had a baby named Dale, but he died two months later from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

They eventually ran into financial difficulties, which were exacerbated when Haydn took advantage of them and left them in debt.

Their romance almost ended in late 1994, when Michael left for a brief time.

However, with the help of some marriage counselling, they were able to resolve their issues and reunite.

But this was not to last, as Michael drowned in April 1996 while attempting to save Sam who had fallen into a highly flooded river.

Why did first the first actress to play Pippa leave Home and Away?

Originally actress Vanessa Downing played the role of Pippa, making her debut during the pilot episode broadcast on January 17, 1988.

However, she left in 1990 when the role was picked up by Debra Lawrance.

It’s not known why Downing decided to leave the role.

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