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Who plays Mercedes in Home and Away?

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HOME and Away has introduced us to character’s we know and love.

One of those characters is new girl Mercedes but you may be wondering who plays her – read more to find out.

The majority of the outdoor sequences are shot in Summer Bay, which is actually Palm Beach in Sydney.

The outside settings feature Summer Bay’s beach sections as well as exterior shots of several of the homes, the Surf Club, and Alf’s Bait Shop.

It is situated in a suburb in Sydney’s northern district, New South Wales.

Locals call it “Palmy,” and it is home to some of Australia’s wealthiest people and a favourite celebrity hangout.

Mercedes was a classically educated musician who had known Remi before to the band’s time in Summer Bay.

He hoped her violin skills would give Lyrik’s songs a fresh edge and help them win the competition.

He didn’t anticipate Mercedes to stand in the way of him and his girlfriend Bree.

Eden was displeased with Mercedes’ appearance, revealing that she’d previously attempted to whisk Remi away to another band, therefore Eden hadn’t trusted her since.

When Bree witnessed a spark between Mercedes and Remi, she grew concerned.

Remi soothed Bree, but her jealousy grew as Remi and Mercedes shared a love of music.

As Mercedes’ flirting became increasingly clear, Bree confronted her.

Rather than refute it, Mercedes conceded it was true.

Mercedes even made a scathing remark about her, saying:

“And I have no idea what he’s doing with you.”

Mercedes, on the other hand, did not back down and secured the contact of a major music producer.

After some convincing, the producer agreed to grant Lyrik some studio time, and the band’s desire of making an album became a reality.

Mercedes stayed behind after the first recording session, claiming she needed to re-record one of her tracks.

Remi agreed to accompany her and she decided to make a move.

Remi turned down Mercedes, and while she refused to realize he wasn’t interested, she quickly dropped off the radar.

Despite Eden’s advice, Remi opted not to inform Bree about the kiss.

Remi had to go to Mercedes’ motel room a week later to try to convince her to join them in the recording studio.

Mercedes hoped he was still interested in her, but Remi stated that he was in love with Bree.

Mercedes was adamantly opposed to this.

She was convinced, though, to proceed to the recording studio on the condition that the talk resume later that day.

Unfortunately, Bree went to the studio to check on Remi and overheard Mercedes admitting to kissing Remi.

Remi admitted to Bree that he had pushed Mercedes away but couldn’t explain why he hadn’t told her.

Bree then grappled with the knowledge that Remi had lied to her and had almost ended their relationship.

Bree slammed Mercedes, who exhibited no remorse for her actions.

Eden, on the other hand, ultimately changed Mercedes’ mind when she alluded to the horrible experiences the pair had gone through at the start of the year, forging an unbreakable bond.

Despite Lyrik’s recording session the next night, Mercedes acknowledged her defeat and chose to depart Summer Bay.

Bree later implored Mercedes to reconsider her choice and record with the band one last time, but her pleas were ignored.

Later, Bree returned to the Lyrik mansion and reconnected with Remi.

She apologized to him but explained that she had waited until after the last recording session to confront Mercedes about the kiss.

Remi, on the other hand, told her not to worry and that they could record without her.

The couple were shocked when Mercedes arrived the next day, stating she would perform with the band.

Mercedes was thanked by Bree for changing her mind.

Remi later thanked Mercedes for their last session, saying he would tell her about the album launch details but she stated she wouldn’t be there.

Mercedes said farewell and said that it was time for her to move on.

Bree and Remi later found Mercedes motorcycle helmet in the kitchen with a note attached stating she was going to Europe and had left Remi her prised motorbike to look after whilst she was away.

Who plays Mercedes Home and Away 2023?

Amali Golden played Mercedes on the show.

She was born in Sydney, Australia, June 2 1988.

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