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Why did Ziggy and Dean leave Home and Away?

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AUSTRALIAN TV show Home and Away has given us some much loved characters in it’s decades long run.

Two recent fan favourites are lovebirds Ziggy and Dean. But when did they leave Home and Away – and why did they make the decision to exist the show?

Who were Ziggy and Dean in Home and Away?

Ziggy Astoni was Ben and Maggie’s oldest daughter, with a younger sister named Coco.

Dean Thompson was her boyfriend.

Sophie Dillman portrayed Ziggy in the film.

Sophie has also appeared in Sherbrooke Down: The Road to Cataract and Inner Dialogue.

Dean Thompson was Karen Thompson’s and Rick Booth’s son.

He was also Kayla, Sean, and Mackenzie Booth’s half-brother.

Patrick O’Connor played him.

Dean and Ziggy grew close when she divorced her ex-husband Brody.

They became good friends before falling in love.

Their romance began after Ziggy and Brody’s divorce was finalised.

However, after a year and a half together, Ziggy broke up with Dean when he lied about being Colby Thorne’s accomplice in the murder of Ross Nixon.

They remained friends and both moved on, but Dean’s girlfriend and child’s mother, Amber, ended their relationship because Dean still loved Ziggy.

They later kiss while attending Bella’s expo in the city.

Dean asks Ziggy whether she forgives him, but she doesn’t respond, leaving him disappointed.

He is later involved in a car accident and suffers serious injuries.

Ziggy is concerned for Dean’s safety and expresses her affection for him.

Tane, her boyfriend, then dumps her after seeing the two together.

Ziggy eventually admitted to Dean that she couldn’t live without him and that she still loves him, which led to the two mending their relationship.

Are Ziggy and Dean a couple in real life?

Their on screen romance is also prevalent off screen as Sophie and Patrick are a couple in real life.

They first announced their relationship in September 2019.

The couple had known each other for years before their debut on Home and Away together.

They were buddies for eight years while both attending acting school in Queensland.

They joined Home and Away after finishing their degrees, with Sophie being the first to join the cast.

In 2020, they moved in together and got a puppy.

Have Dean and Ziggy left for good?

It’s unknown if Dean and Ziggy will return to Home and Away.

The couple made their last on-screen appearance in Australia in March 2023.

However, it’s looking unlikely that the couple will return to Home and Away any time soon.

Patrick and Sophie decided to move to the UK, meaning that they departed from the show.

Why did Ziggy and Dean leave Home and Away?

Dean learned that his ex-girlfriend Amber had decided to go to Queensland with their son Jai.

Dean is devastated by the news, as he realises his son will be a 21-hour drive away.

Dean and Ziggy, who had a daughter named Izzy, wondered how they would maintain their family together.

Ziggy then recommended that they go to Queensland, pointing out that there wasn’t anything keeping them in Summer Bay.

It meant they could start a new life together, and Dean is now the father of two children.

Dean agreed to relocate to Queensland.

However, he gets second thoughts after his sister Mackenzie Booth experiences a nervous breakdown as a result of her lover Gabe Miller’s cancer diagnosis.

Mackenzie, who was ignorant of Dean’s plans to relocate, came to him for consolation, prompting Dean to wonder how he could leave her during this difficult time.

However, Ziggy stepped in and informed Mac of the relocation.

Mackenzie then gave Dean her approval to proceed with the planned transfer.

Dean was persuaded when Mac mentioned that she could live without him but Jai couldn’t.

During their final moments at Summer Bay, the pair recalled their time there together.

They later said their goodbyes to family and friends before driving to Queensland.

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