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With a little help from two friends, Nikau Parata helped Bella Nixon in Home and Away

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With a little help from two friends, Home and Away’s Nikau Parata and Bella Nixon have reunited on Australian screens.

Recently, after an argument over Colby Thorne’s affair with Taylor Rosetta, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Bella (Courtney Miller) broke up.

Bella grew frustrated with intense scenes when Nikau refused to help her divide Colby and Taylor. Nikau was keen to stay out of it, but Bella saw the lack of loyalty in his reaction and dumped him.

As Ryder Jackson and Jasmine Delaney joined up to reunite the couple, Thursday night’s triple bill of episodes (October 15) in Australia revealed a happy outcome.

Ryder (Lukas Radovich) was keen to get his two friends back on track, seeing how, without each other, they were both miserable. Meanwhile, Jasmine (Sam Frost) was particularly invested in helping Bella after the teen’s tough few months.

Ryder and Jasmine resorted to desperate tactics by locking them in the gym together when talking with Nikau and Bella didn’t seem to do much good.

The setup outraged Nikau and Bella, but the time alone gave them a chance to talk about why things had gone so wrong between them.

Bella was open about not wanting to drag Nikau into the messier aspects of her life, especially with so many complications caused by the investigation into her father’s murder.

Nikau was adamant that he wanted to be involved and plotted throughout to support Bella, which led to a kiss reuniting the pair.

Ryder and Jasmine were pleased to receive news later that their sly tactics had paid off, but is this really going to be Nikau and Bella’s final road bump?

In November, Home and Away viewers in the UK can see these scenes on Channel 5.

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