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‘Work out’ EastEnders fans Keanu breaks engagement, Sharon Watt marries new guy

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Viewers of EastEnders this week witnessed Sharon Watts’ heartbreak when boyfriend Keanu Taylor ended their engagement as a result of her deception.

Viewers have been guessing about who Sharon Watts will wed after Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) of EastEnders chose to call off his engagement to her.

The recurring character was seen wearing a wedding gown at Christmas in the flash forward episode that aired earlier this year.

Although she is no longer with Keanu, it appears that her wedding will still happen, as people have been taking to Twitter to predict who will be her groom at the end of the year.

Look, Sharon is Phil’s soulmate and match – easy, said @tweekersbaby. Phil is aware of and adores the fact that my girl has him in the palm of her hand. It will be better as soon as she dashes that toyboy Keanu and he dashes Kat the MiniCab Queen. Bread and butter, fish and chips, Phil and Sharon.

“This Keanu and Sharon s**t is so forced,” @josephfelldown continued. The writers really despise Sharon if everything is merely leading forward to their reunion.

“@bbceastenders #EastEnders starting to hope its Keanu who gets killed off at Christmas,” @sleepyjudith said. Boring plots and completely disposable characters. Also makes Sharon available for their desired reconciliation with Phil.”

The commenter @ElleB2022 continued, “I hope Sharon doesn’t marry Keanu and sees him for the idiot that he is.”

As @BovaryCee raged: “Please tell me you’re not going to put Sharon back with Phil and Kat back with Alfie because of his impending health scare/illness,” there were some viewers who didn’t want to see the former couple reconcile. [sic] Phil clearly grins more now that Kat has made him feel better, in my opinion. I hope #EastEnders refrains from doing this.

“I don’t want Sharon to get back with Phil – they are poisonous together and he is bad for her,” @RyanTheSoapking continued. I hope Keanu is not the body at Christmas, but I worry that he might be. Hope it’s Theo, please. It’s too clear, Nish.

After finding Sharon had misled him about Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin), Keanu made the decision to end their relationship.

Even though it was only feasible with Sharon’s assistance, Lisa was forced to leave the nation with Keanu’s daughter Peggy.

He made the decision to spend some time apart before returning to their house this week after realising his fiance had misled him.

Sharon smiled and added, “I was starting to worry, Albie was asking for you when it was bath time. Evidently, I’m not very good at pirate ships.

“All right, I’ll start preparing dinner; now kiss him.”

She swore to make things up to Keanu despite the fact that it was clear he hadn’t recovered from the lie and that the damage had already been done.

I don’t think you can, he said to her. I continue to see Albie. I mean, you’ll never take him away from me,” he said, acknowledging that their relationship had to end as a result of this.

Is Sharon and Keanu’s relationship over for good now? Or perhaps they can reconcile before the wedding later this year.

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