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Y&R Nepo Baby Ladder: Should Mariah Copeland Work for Sharon?

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On The Young and the Restless, nepotism is a requirement for employment. For years, Victor has chosen the vocations of his children. For a period, Jack appointed his son to be co-CEO. Devon inherited Kay and Neil’s riches. Family funds helped Abby purchase her restaurant. Phyllis was employed by her son, and Nate mostly carried him up the corporate ladder.

Young and the Restless Polling

Mariah (Camryn Grimes) is now in the spotlight. She gets the possibility to work for her mother now rather than her best friend’s father. Will she accept it? Fans’ reactions are shown below.

Mariah Copeland: Impartial Party

Sharon (Sharon Case) is willing to provide Mariah a job at a 19% salary, but she must report to Nick (Joshua Morrow) or Adam (Mark Grossman). She can be treated fairly rather than spoiled by her mother. by the boy who occasionally becomes fixated on her mother. And the man who had many marriages with her mother. And the person who misplaced his cherished daughter. Someone had Mariah’s same appearance. Yeah. They’re going to be completely unbiased.

Y&R: My Own Two Feet

If Mariah thinks navigating the dysfunction of the Abbott family at Jabot is challenging, wait until she realizes how much more difficult it will be to balance the competing interests in her own family, 38% of you sigh. especially considering that Sharon has the least business expertise out of the three partners. As a result, she might find that Adam and Nick routinely overrule her. and requesting Mariah to choose a side.

Mariah Copeland: Quality Time

Sharon was the only adult that Mariah had ever met. They were not given the opportunity to experience the toddler or adolescent years, when the answer to everything is also no. They didn’t argue over what to wear, when it was appropriate to wake up, or why this grade was below a C. In a professional context, they may relive everything. What might possibly fail?

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