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Y&R Spoilers: Adam’s Agenda Presented – Phyllis’ Useful For The Moment

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According to spoilers for The Young and the Restless, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) wants to be in charge of Newman Media. He is planning to use Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) to accomplish it.

Adam’s offer to Phyllis for the Information Technology position at Adustus, or whatever the new name of the McCall Unlimited is, seemed out of the ordinary. But recently, one of her goals was made clear.

As part of accepting Adam’s job offer, Phyllis requested a favor from him. She requested information about Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John), which Adam quickly provided.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Deep Digital Dive That Easy?

Adam seems to have searched through McCall Unlimited’s email archive and just so happened to come across certain digital traces that gave Phyllis the information she required to possibly escape going to jail.

The fact that Adam’s search through the company’s email records turned up information he would not have been able to get through random keywords, however, required the audience to suspend their disbelief.

It’s plausible that it would have taken days or weeks to discover the problem with the singer who got himself into legal difficulty and who was silenced by Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) with Tucker’s knowledge and approval.

However, soap is soap. Therefore, Adam was successful in locating the written records connecting Tucker to a scandal that was avoided. Phyllis now had the power she required.

Y&R Spoilers – Tucker McCall Remains Connected To Protege

When Audra moved to Genoa City, Wisconsin, last year, viewers discovered that she was Tucker’s business mentee.

They also discovered that while split from Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson), Tucker had a personal relationship with someone much younger than him, paid for her education, gave her a crucial position in his business, and provided her with both.

Smart and lovely describe Audra. She therefore has a wide range of romantic possibilities. It was not love that made her decide to be close to Tucker. Instead, she was utilizing him to get access to power and hasten her ascent to professional success.

Tucker questions whether Audra betrayed him to Adam at the start of their argument. Tucker, though, can see by her response that Audra was not being dishonest.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Resolving Redundancy Through Aggressive Action

Adam wants Audra to utilize all available resources to convince his father Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), whom he refers to as “his old man” on occasion, that integrating Newman Media with Audustus and Kirsten Incorporated is advantageous.

Adam has been using the phrase “redundancy” to describe Newman Media. He doesn’t think it makes sense for that division, Audustus, and the business Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) inherited to exist within Newman Enterprises.

Power plays abound in this plot, which will soon reach its peak on Y&R.

The Young and the Restless-related information may be found in abundance on this website. on news and spoilers on Y&R, check back frequently.

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