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Y&R Spoilers Video Preview: Phyllis Begs And Pleads For Mercy

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Will Phyllis Summers get a second (twelfth) chance?

Here is the video teaser for your Y&R spoilers! Find out this next week what your favorite Genoa City players are doing!

Y&R Spoilers Video Preview 

Judge Linda Franklin (Ros Gentle) hears Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) sob, “I took a man’s life, and I can’t take it back.” Knowing that the court will decide her destiny, Phyllis cries out for mercy. Will the jury be swayed by her sad testimony? If Christine (Lauralee Bell) has her way, it won’t happen. “Laws were broken, and we can’t forget that,” Christine says.

And she is correct. Even Phyllis’ kids concur. Summer (Allison Lanier) informs Daniel (Michael Graziadei) at the GCAC that their mother must bear the cost. Does he concur? The sneak peek video is below; watch it to see it all for yourself.

CBS broadcasts The Young and the Restless on weekdays. Check out the most recent entries on Y&R spoilers for additional information about what will happen in Genoa City, and click here for a detailed look at the show’s history.

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