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Zack Hudson’s heartbreaking decision concerning his future causes misery on EastEnders

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Zack Hudson and Whitney Dean of EastEnders have gone through more than most in their brief relationship, but they are likely to confront new difficulties that could permanently harm their union.

In upcoming EastEnders episodes, Zack Hudson (played by James Farrar) is expected to make a decision that could spell the end of his romance with Whitney (Shona McGarty).

Zack, a fan favourite on the soap opera, has had a difficult year after learning that he had HIV and losing Peach, his daughter.

Official BBC soap opera spoilers state that Zack will start to feel ready to start a family again, but does Whitney share that readiness?

Zack receives good news on Peach’s due date: his viral load is no longer detectable.

Zack recommends that he and Whitney consider trying for a second child as they spend time at their daughter’s tree.

When Whitney later admits she can’t put her body through that again and doesn’t want to try for another child, it tears his heart.

The two had a challenging discussion regarding their children and future.

Later, Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) counsels a distraught Whitney to keep in touch with Zack in order to prevent their separation.

But when she talks to him, it’s obvious that Zack feels their differences on this matter are too great.

Later, Whitney is discovered crying, and Zack’s sister Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) confronts him.

Will she be able to persuade him to stay with Whitney despite having opposing goals?

Given the devastation Whitney has experienced, including the loss of two children, it seems sense why she doesn’t want to try for another child.

Adopting a kid might help the couple come to an agreement, but if they are unable to decide what to do, their relationship may end.

The BBC has confirmed Whitney’s forthcoming exit, therefore it’s possible that the breakup is what causes it.

Since she was 16 years old, Shona, now 31 years old, has played Whitney, but she has now taken the “difficult” decision to stop.

“I have decided to spread my wings and will be leaving EastEnders,” Shona said in a statement to The Sun on Sunday. My time on the show has been wonderful.

Will she leave early next year, when it’s likely that Zack will follow her, or will Whitney have to endure yet another heartbreak before she leaves?

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