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‘Greatest human I know’: Former Home and Away star Kate Ritchie’s emotional tribute

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On the occasion of her daughter Mae’s ninth birthday, former Home and Away star Kate Ritchie wrote an impassioned ode to her.

The radio personality and AGT judge, 45, posted a lovely photo of her daughter on Instagram and referred to her as the “greatest human I know.”

My gal is this. Today, she turns nine,” Kate wrote.

She is the best person I know, and I am the luckiest and most appreciative person in the world that she picked me to be her mother.

Kate continued, calling her daughter “the funniest, kindest, and clever little girl.”

“She reminds me that life and the world is wonderful,” she added.

“She is brave and adventurous and energetic.

“She knows how to love and be loved.

“She challenges me, educates me and makes me want to be a better person, every day.”

Kate went on to praise her daughter’s love of cooking and drawing and her curious, questioning mind.

“She is creative and entertaining and is dancing and bounding through her precious life,” she wrote.“I am so very proud of you and EVERYTHING you are and do.“Remember, my darlin’, this is your time and you only ever belong to you.“You are going to do wonderful things and I can only hope I am there, by your side, for many of them … and when I am not I will be loving, watching and cheering you on from within that big heart of yours.”The post was finished off with the simple words: “🤎 Mummy.

A number of Kate’s former Home and Away cast members and celebrities, including model Jennifer Hawkins, actress Sam Frost, and Grant Denyer’s wife Chezzi Denyer, responded to the heartfelt post on Instagram.

The actress who plays Marilyn on the show, Emily Symons, tweeted “Happy 9th birthday, beautiful Mae.”

“You have a Mummy who is very special.”

Tina Arena, a singer, wrote, “Beautiful Mae, have the best birthday.”

“Beautiful words,” one follower said.

Another person said, “And that just made me cry.”

“Mae, happy birthday! You are amazing.

“We love you Mae,” added Kate’s radio co-host Michael Wipfli, aka Wippa.

Other followers couldn’t get over how much Mae looked like her mum.

“OMG the resemblance,” one fan wrote.

“Mini Kate,” added another.

While others simply loved the sentiment expressed.

“Your loving words for your precious girl are beautiful,” one follower said.

“Special for the two of you. HB to your gorgeous girl.”

One person remarked, “Beautifully said.”

Kate’s child with her ex-husband Stuart Webb is named Mae.

Kate wrote a moving blog article about how parenthood has transformed her life in 2017, three years after Mae was born.

Then, she met this wonderful creature, she posted on Instagram. “I thought the love of my life was Home and Away,” she said.

“It’s been a long road, but I’m so happy and proud that I gave myself the chance to realize my greatest accomplishments didn’t have to be due solely to Sally Fletcher,” the speaker said.

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