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Home and Away: Rose demands the truth from her biological father

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Will Rose’s real dad be everything she ever dreamed of as a little girl?

Rose has always yearned to learn more about her biological father, but she has decided against doing research on him in order to avoid any grief.

But the truth is revealed with just one phone call.
In the television series Home And Away, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) turns to Kirby (Angelina Thomson) and Mali (Kyle Shilling) for guidance. She now understands that her father, Samuel Edwards, was already married when she was born.

He appears to be her father without a doubt as additional information becomes available. Her major concern, though, is still what to do with this knowledge.

Rose, a police officer, is curious about her background and wants to learn more. Mali and Kirby have a strong connection to their Indigenous and Pacific cultures, which she envies, but she also finds it unbearably painful to consider her father rejecting her.

Rose decides to write Samuel (Bert LaBonté) a letter and place it in his letterbox, but she is shocked when he calls her. He wants to meet her right away!
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When they first meet, Rose is guarded and determined not to get wounded. When she finally speaks the question she has been holding in her heart her entire life, “Why haven’t you been in my life?” Samuel finally understands why she is so hostile.

Samuel responds, much to her astonishment, that he hadn’t even known he had a child or that her mother was pregnant. He wished he had known his daughter and that she had known him. Now is their chance, he claims.

Could these be the words Rose has been waiting to hear?

Dana is out of hiding this week and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is furious.

The policeman, who has been helping his old friend Harper (Jessica Redmayne) prove her younger sister is innocent of drug charges, is stunned to find Dana (Ally Harris) at Irene’s (Lynne McGranger) house.

Not only is she a wanted fugitive, but Harper lied to his face.

Caught between the law and his loyalties, Cash can’t decide what to do.

Will he turn Dana in or risk his own livelihood on to help?

Find out whether Rose will let her real dad into her life on Home and Away, airing Monday to Thursday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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