Home and Away star Emily Weir, who plays Mackenzie Booth on the Aussie soap, has bravely opened up about her battle with alcohol recalling the time she “hit rock bottom”

Emily Weir, an Australian actress, sprang to prominence as Mackenzie Booth on the hit drama Home and Away, and has since been a fan favorite.

In 2019, she arrived in Summer Bay as Dean Thompson’s (Paddy O’Connor) elder sister.

Emily, 32, has played the brunette beauty for over four years, and she’s had numerous important stories since her debut appearance.

And, while her on-screen character has dealt with a few crises in real life, Emily has as well.

Emily shocked fans three years ago when she boldly revealed she had previously fought with alcoholism – and is now living a sober existence.

Furthermore, in recent episodes of the serial, Mackenzie was crushed to learn that her ex-partner Gabe Miller had died of cancer.

So, as Mac confronts even terrible heartbreak in upcoming episodes, the Daily Star delves into her alcoholism.

‘Reliant’ on alcohol in her 20s

Emily claims that she became “reliant” on alcohol during her twenties and eventually sought help from AA and a counsellor to quit drinking.

“I was self-medicating with red wine, but I managed to hide it all really well,” she told Who Magazine in 2020.

“I ignored the issue because, like most people in their early twenties, I wanted to travel and party with my friends.”

“I began drinking more at the time because it relieved my anxiety and all of my fears dissipated.” But I grew addicted to alcohol.”

Emily later claimed that she stepped out in the hopes of educating people about how pervasive the problem is and how it can “affect anyone.”

Terrifying ‘epiphany’

Emily described a ‘epiphany’ in 2020 that prompted her to give up her booze addiction.

“I had an epiphany on a massive hangover where I realized I wasn’t living my best life,” the actress told The Daily Telegraph.

“The epiphany was basically a dream of me as an older woman, with full grey hair in plaits, true (red wine) blood mouth, covered in cat hair, alone.”

“The thought was that if I kept going the way I was, that could be my life,” she continued. For me, alcohol was my poison.”

Hitting rock bottom

Emily’s enjoyment of the numerous parties and cocktails dwindled over time.

“Things were on the line, and I was almost out of hope.” “It was difficult to ask for help because I was too proud,” she recently told TV Week.

“So, when I reached what felt like the end of the road, something inside me said, ‘I have to change.'” ‘I require assistance.’ For me, hitting rock bottom was a watershed moment.”

She also said that the heartbreak of her parents’ divorce at the time drove her to seek solace in drinking.

However, the Australian celebrity was able to depart before getting cast in Home and Away in 2019.

Soap bosses ‘not aware’

Emily’s soap character Mac struggled with alcohol on the show, and the actress claims that Home And Away’s producers were unaware of her real issues.

“It was just one of those things that never came up in conversation,” she admitted.

“I wasn’t attempting to hide anything. It was just not something we discussed.

“So it was interesting when an article came out about me becoming sober, about how alcohol and I were not friends, and about how I went to AA.”

“‘Are you going to be OK?’ said the producers. We have the ability to alter the plot’. ‘Absolutely not,’ I said. ‘This is a narrative I know how to tell.'”


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